Tarot: A Trite Take on Supernatural Horror

“Tarot,” the latest addition to the supernatural horror genre, follows a familiar storyline of a group of teenagers getting cursed after stumbling upon ancient tarot cards. While the movie attempts to deliver chills and thrills, it falls short due to an overdependence on horror film tropes, uneven performances, and a lack of engaging twists and character development.

Familiar Formula, Lackluster Execution

Tarot banks on a tried-and-tested formula, but fails to create a lasting impact due to its overdependence on horror film tropes.

The movie’s premise of friends unleashing an evil spirit after playing with tarot cards is a well-trodden path in the horror genre, and “Tarot” does little to deviate from the expected.

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Atmospheric Setting, Uneven Performances

While some sequences are well-designed to provide a moody and mysterious atmosphere, the cast’s performances remain uneven, shifting from convincing to monotonous. The actors fail to create a lasting impact, missing an opportunity to excel in both storytelling and characterization.

Underdeveloped Characters and Predictable Scares

<Blockquote>The characters remain sketchy as little effort has been made to developing them.</Blockquote>

“Tarot” suffers from underdeveloped characters, as the film focuses more on the atmospheric setting than engaging dramatic moments or twists. The shape-shifting evil spirit appears in various fearsome avatars, but the jump scares quickly lose their impact.

Missed Opportunity for a Teen Horror Melodrama

Despite the initial promise of delivering a dark and twisted nail-biter, “Tarot” fails to live up to its potential. The 93-minute feature could have been a standout teen horror melodrama, but instead, it falls flat due to its reliance on familiar tropes and lack of innovation.

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Final Thoughts

While “Tarot” attempts to capitalize on the popularity of supernatural horror movies, it ultimately falls short due to its uneven execution, lack of character development, and predictable scares. Despite a moody atmosphere and a promising premise, the film fails to leave a lasting impression on the audience.


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