Helldivers 2 PSN Account Required

Arrowhead Game Studios’ decision to require Helldivers 2 players on Steam to link their accounts to a PlayStation Network (PSN) account has sparked widespread outrage within the game’s community. The move, which the developer claims is aimed at preventing griefing and in-game abuse, has been met with protests, negative reviews, and concerns over data security and accessibility.

Controversial Requirement

Helldivers 2, the popular cooperative third-person shooter, will soon mandate that all players on Steam link their accounts to a PSN account.

  • New players on Steam must comply starting May 6th.
  • Existing players have until June 4th to link their accounts.

Developer’s Justification

Arrowhead Game Studios stated that linking to a PSN account was always going to be a requirement for Steam players, and the policy is there to ensure players are protected from griefing and other in-game abuses.

However, the game’s community has vehemently protested this decision, citing various concerns.

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Community Backlash

The announcement has sparked a significant backlash from the Helldivers 2 community:

  • Over 14,000 negative reviews on Steam today alone.
  • Widespread protests on social media platforms.
  • Concerns about data security and accessibility.

Accessibility Concerns

  • PSN accounts are not available in all countries, potentially locking out some players.
  • Players without access to PSN may be unable to play the game they purchased.

Data Security Worries

  • Sony recently suffered a data breach, though customer information was not compromised.
  • Players have expressed concerns about the security of their data.
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Ongoing Debate

As the debate continues, Arrowhead Game Studios faces mounting pressure to address the community’s concerns or risk further backlash. The situation highlights the importance of transparent communication and consideration for player feedback when implementing significant changes to a game’s ecosystem.


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