The Good Doctor: Jordan’s Journey Through Grief and Faith

A Shocking Loss Rocks St. Bonaventure Hospital

The staff of St. Bonaventure Hospital is reeling from the devastating loss of one of their own, Dr. Asher Wolke (Noah Galvin), who was tragically murdered by anti-Semitic vandals. As the characters come to terms with their grief, they must also navigate a medical crisis that threatens to overwhelm the hospital. The upcoming episode will feature an emotional funeral scene where Asher’s colleagues and friends say their final goodbyes.

The Good Doctor Jordan’s Journey Through Grief and Faith.gsr

Jordan’s Struggle: Losing a Best Friend and Questioning Faith

One character who is expected to have a particularly difficult time coping with Asher’s death is his best friend, Dr. Jordan Allen (Bria Samoné Henderson). Henderson, in an interview with Parade, shared insights into Jordan’s emotional journey in the wake of this heartbreaking loss.

“Jordan is going to be deeply affected by the death of her best friend in this world. Her life is turned upside down and she’s going to go through a series of facing grief and questioning her own beliefs. When it comes to such a devastating loss, it’s natural for humans to do.”

As a character whose faith has been a cornerstone of her identity, Jordan will find herself grappling with profound questions about God and the nature of evil. Henderson elaborated on the internal struggle Jordan will face:

“It does test her faith in who God is and who she’s believed God to be. If you have plans that work out for me, then how was this in the plan? How was this in the cards? Why would God allow something like this to happen to such a beautiful person? Why do evil people get grace? All of those thoughts come to her…She’ll have to question that from this big loss in her life.”

Art Imitates Life: Henderson’s Personal Grief Informs Her Performance

For Bria Samoné Henderson, portraying Jordan’s grief was a deeply personal and challenging experience. The actress had recently lost her own mother and had to bury her just two weeks before filming the emotional scenes.

“I was filming this scene and it felt like a direct mirror of what I had just gone through maybe a couple of weeks before. It was a very hard day to film that scene. It was hard to come back to work and film at all because I had just dealt with that and I kind of had to leave home a few days after the funeral. When you see that scene, it is not acting at all. It is just me kind of reliving something I had just gone through.”

Henderson’s raw and authentic performance promises to be a standout moment in the series, as she channels her own grief into Jordan’s journey.

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The Road Ahead: Unresolved Romances and Returning Faces

Despite the heavy emotional toll of Asher’s death, Henderson hinted at some potential developments in Jordan’s personal life. The tragic event will push Jordan and Dr. Jared Kalu (Chuku Modu) to make decisions about their unresolved romantic tension.

“It does inspire them to make a move. Now what that move is will be more of a discovery for the audience. Yes, a move will be made. Anything like a tragic loss will push people into [thinking] ‘What do I really want? What am I really seeking? What is the right thing for me?’ I think they both make decisions and they get their thing.”

Fans can also look forward to the return of some familiar faces in the final season of The Good Doctor. Henderson confirmed that Antonia Thomas will reprise her role as Dr. Claire Browne and that Dr. Danny Perez (Brandon Larracuente), a character with a close connection to Jordan, will also make a comeback.

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Dr. Claire BrowneAntonia ThomasFormer surgical resident at St. Bonaventure Hospital
Dr. Danny PerezBrandon LarracuenteFormer surgical intern and love interest of Jordan

Table 1: Returning characters in The Good Doctor’s final season


As The Good Doctor enters its final season, the characters and the audience alike will be forced to confront the profound impact of loss, grief, and the search for meaning in the face of tragedy. Jordan’s emotional journey, informed by Bria Samoné Henderson’s personal experiences, promises to be a poignant and relatable storyline that will resonate with viewers. With the return of beloved characters and the resolution of unfinished business, fans can expect a bittersweet and emotionally charged conclusion to this beloved medical drama.

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