Supporter who hugged Trump: Trump Supporter Calls Out Media’s Portrayal of Black Voters at Atlanta Chick-fil-A

Conserve the Culture Founder Michaelah Montgomery Shares Her Experience

Michaelah Montgomery, the founder of Conserve the Culture, recently made headlines after she hugged former President Donald Trump during his visit to an Atlanta Chick-fil-A. Montgomery joined “FOX & Friends” on Friday to discuss the encounter and to address the media’s coverage of Black voters, accusing mainstream outlets of “warping” the perception of Trump’s popularity within the community.

Montgomery expressed her belief that the media’s portrayal of Trump’s reception among Black voters, particularly on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) campuses, is inaccurate. She stated, “The general consensus or social media would have you thinking that if President Trump were to show up to the HBCU campuses … that like, some angry mob would form or a riot would ensue and that he would not be welcome, and clearly the sentiment in that room the other day was the complete opposite.”

A Warm Welcome for Trump at Atlanta Chick-fil-A

During Trump’s visit to the Atlanta Chick-fil-A, where he spoke with supporters and bought them food and milkshakes, Montgomery shouted to him, “I don’t care what the media tells you, Mr. Trump, we support you.” In response, Trump smiled and hugged her.

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Recalling the interaction, Montgomery said, “I really appreciate that we were able to not only let him know that regardless of what social media says… I know they’re trying to make us think we’re supposed to hate you, but we don’t.” She emphasized that the encounter was a learning experience for her students, as they witnessed firsthand how the media can distort perceptions of an opinion or a person.

Concerns Over Media Bias and Black Voter Perception

Montgomery criticized urban media outlets for their attempts to turn Black people against young Black students who showed support for Trump. She argued that it is disturbing to think that these students, who attend prestigious institutions, are not considered smart enough to make their own decisions and that their support for Trump is attributed solely to his purchase of chicken sandwiches and milkshakes.

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Recent polls have sparked concern among some liberal pundits who fear that President Biden is losing Black voters to Trump. A New York Times/Siena poll released in February showed that 23% of Black voters support Trump, a significant increase from the 4% he received in October 2020.

Trump’s Authenticity and Communication Style Resonate with Black Voters

Montgomery attributed the shift in Black voter sentiment to Trump’s authenticity and his ability to communicate his agenda clearly. She explained, “They feel like he’s honest. They feel like this is somebody who, while we might not agree with how he says things, how he goes about things, at least he’s telling us what it is.”

She added, “We don’t feel like this is a snake in the grass waiting for his chance to bite us. This is somebody who’s telling us this is what my plan is. Here’s how I plan to execute it. Here’s the people involved, and here’s how you can get involved.” Montgomery emphasized that Black voters find Trump more relatable and feel that he is talking directly to them, rather than simply saying what they want to hear.

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PollBlack Voter Support for TrumpDate
New York Times/Siena23%February 2023
Pew Research Center4%October 2020

Table 1: Comparison of Black voter support for Trump in recent polls

Criticisms of Biden’s Record on Race Relations

Montgomery also criticized President Biden’s record on race relations during his tenure as a U.S. senator. She accused Biden of trying to oppress the Black community, stating, “He locked up a lot of people that look like me, and they’re still sitting in jail waiting for… justice, an appeal of some sort.”

She argued that Biden’s senatorial career did not benefit Black Americans, and one could even argue that he dedicated his entire senatorial career to disrupting their way of life. Montgomery cited examples of Biden not wanting Black children to attend the same schools as his own children and not wanting Black people to walk on the same sidewalks as his mother and grandmother.

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, the shifting dynamics of Black voter support for Trump and the media’s portrayal of this demographic will likely continue to be a topic of discussion and debate. Montgomery’s experience at the Atlanta Chick-fil-A serves as a reminder that individual opinions and experiences within the Black community are diverse and cannot be easily categorized or dismissed based on media narratives.


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