YG Marley Relation to Bob Marley

Is YG Marley Related to Bob Marley?

YG Marley is indeed related to the legendary reggae icon Bob Marley. Specifically, YG Marley is Bob Marley’s grandson through Bob’s son Rohan Marley. Keep reading to learn more about YG Marley’s background and his connection to the Marley family musical dynasty.

Introducing YG Marley

YG Marley is the stage name of 27-year-old American musician Joshua Omaru Marley. He was born on November 12, 1996 in New Jersey.

YG Marley is building his own career as a rapper and reggae artist while also embracing the legacy of his famous grandfather Bob Marley and mother Lauryn Hill. He started joining his mother on stage at her concerts from a young age.

Some key facts about the rising artist:

  • Releases songs in both the hip-hop/rap and reggae genres
  • Skilled at instruments like guitar, piano, and drums
  • Attended Columbia High School in New Jersey, participated in talent shows
  • Cites musical influences like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Jay-Z
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So far, he has dropped original songs such as “Give God the Praises” and “No More” as well as collaborations with artists like his cousin Skip Marley. YG is currently working on his full-length debut album.

YG Marley’s Family Background

To understand YG Marley’s relation to Bob Marley, we need to take a look at his famous family lineage:


  • Mother: Lauryn Hill – Acclaimed rapper/singer, former member of The Fugees hip-hop group
  • Father: Rohan Marley – Bob Marley’s son, former football player and entrepreneur

Paternal Grandfather:

  • Bob Marley – Legendary reggae trailblazer who helped popularize the genre globally; member of Bob Marley and the Wailers

So in summary, YG Marley’s father Rohan is one of Bob Marley’s eleven children. This makes YG Marley the grandson of the iconic musician who introduced classics like “No Woman No Cry” and brought Rastafarian culture into the mainstream.

YG Marley is close with his siblings and also half-siblings on his dad’s side. He regularly pays respect to his grandfather’s cultural impact and musical excellence.

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How YG Marley Connects Reggae Generations

As Bob Marley’s grandson, YG Marley represents an intergenerational bridge in roots reggae music:

  • His recent song “Praise Jah in the Moonlight” samples a classic Bob Marley and the Wailers track to pay homage
  • YG’s vocal style vividly recalls his grandfather’s passionate and soulful delivery
  • He demonstrates musical gifts passed down from the Marley bloodline

During a 2023 concert, Lauryn Hill symbolically brought her son YG Marley on stage to showcase the continuation of Bob’s legacy for a new generation.

So while establishing his individual sound and identity, YG Marley also closes the circle – rediscovering his grandfather’s genre of reggae through a modern lens. He inherits immense creative potential from both sides of his family tree.

Why the Marley Family Name Still Matters

No matter his own accomplishments, YG Marley’s famous last name ensures he carries the weight of profound artistic history on his shoulders.

The Marley legacy spans over 50 years of pioneering hit songs that brought Bob global renown and changed music forever. It resonates beyond reggae to represent social justice, Rastafarian culture, and messages of love and unity.

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As Bob’s heir, expectations for YG to live up to that legacy run high. But early songs display songwriting talent and vocal similarities that suggest the musical genes run strong.

By embracing these genetic gifts, YG Marley bridges generations and gives fans hope that the Marley inspiration still burns bright. Only time will tell what he achieves, but his sublime musical start continues a profoundly influential family tradition.


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