Why Isn’t Kanye’s New Album “Vultures” on Spotify?

When Kanye West finally released his long-delayed collaborative album with Ty Dolla $ign called “Vultures” on February 10th, 2024, fans quickly noticed its absence from Spotify. So why isn’t this high-profile release available on the world’s most popular music streaming platform?

A Pattern of Kanye Releases Skipping Spotify Initially

Kanye has a history of his albums missing from Spotify during the initial release window, so “Vultures” not being there (yet) follows a familiar pattern.

Some previous examples:

  • “The Life of Pablo” wasn’t on Spotify for its first 6 weeks after release
  • “Ye” took almost 2 months to hit the platform after dropping
  • “Jesus is King” also was not on Spotify for its first few weeks
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So Kanye holding back putting “Vultures” on Spotify, at least temporarily, aligns with his past release strategies.

Technical Issues or Promotional Reasons?

There are a few possible reasons why “Vultures” is not yet available on Spotify:

Technical Problems or Delayed Paperwork

  • Technical/production problems uploading or syncing the album properly
  • Delayed paperwork and licenses cleared for Spotify

Promotional Tactics

  • Building anticipation and chatter by withholding from Spotify initially
  • Driving interest towards other platforms like Apple Music

The real reason likely involves a blend of administrative delays and Kanye’s infamous promotional games that keep fans on their toes.

Still a Chance of “Vultures” Hitting Spotify Soon

While it’s disappointing for Spotify users, there still remains a good chance Kanye puts “Vultures” on the platform before long:

  • His past albums mentioned above all eventually made their way to Spotify
  • Little incentive to snub the platform permanently given Spotify’s huge user base
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So fans eager to hear the new Kanye-Ty Dolla $ign collaboration may just need to hang tight a little longer before “Vultures” spreads its wings onto Spotify.


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