Why is Jacob Elordi so skinny? | Jacob Elordi’s Extreme Weight Loss Transformation

Australian actor Jacob Elordi stunned fans recently when he appeared significantly thinner than usual. The 6’4″ heartthrob is best known for his roles in hit teen rom-coms like The Kissing Booth and 2 Hearts, where he flaunted a muscular and athletic physique. However, Elordi shocked viewers during his debut hosting gig on Saturday Night Live in January 2024 by looking almost unrecognizably slender and gangly.

The Reason Behind Jacob Losing Over 20 Pounds

So why did Jacob Elordi lose so much weight all of a sudden? During his SNL monologue, Elordi joked that he looked like the creepy internet meme character Slender Man. He later revealed to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that he shed nearly 22 pounds in just a few months for his new World War II prisoner-of-war drama The Narrow Road to the Deep North:

“I had to lose a lot of weight for it. It was 10 kilos (22 lbs) in I think two months…I had a very strict diet and did a lot of cardio.”

Elordi plays Australian army surgeon Dorrigo Evans who gets captured by the Japanese and endures extreme starvation at a POW camp. So the usually buff actor had to drop down to 150 pounds through strict dieting and intense cardio training to look authentically emaciated for this gritty role.

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Effects of Jacob’s Weight Loss on Health and Career

Losing so much weight in such a short time for a film can have both positive and negative repercussions for an actor like Elordi:


  • Demonstrates dedication to his craft and versatility as a performer
  • Garners praise and attention for his transformation
  • Proves he’s more than just a handsome face


  • Raises health concerns about being too skinny or promoting unrealistic body standards
  • Potentially harms future leading man roles requiring a muscular build
  • Sparks eating disorder rumors or mental health speculation

During his SNL gig, Elordi certainly played his new ultra-thin frame for laughs. In one sketch, he surprising showed up as an unlikely contestant on a dating show called Crown Your Short King. The 5’2″ female contestant instantly ditched the other three “short king” suitors once the 6’4″ Elordi appeared, with his height and looks overshadowing the other men comedically.

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Elordi’s Quotes on His Weight Loss Experience:

“I don’t know if you’ve ever been 10 kgs lighter, but it’s horrible. I felt like I was a different human.”

“All I thought about was food all day. I was miserable.”

“I felt like a weird, stretchedLimb thing.”

Criticisms and Concerns Over Elordi’s Skinny Frame:

Many fans expressed worry over Elordi looking so slender and frail, fearing:

  • It was unhealthy for him to lose so much weight so quickly
  • He was promoting unrealistic body image standards for men
  • He could be suffering from an eating disorder

Others argued he didn’t have to lose actual weight for the role, as makeup and costumes could have created the same gaunt prisoner-of-war effect instead. All the public speculation prompted Elordi to speak out:

“I am perfectly healthy guys. I just had to slim down for this role. I consulted doctors the whole time.”

What Jacob Elordi Had to Eat to Lose 20+ Pounds:

Allowed FoodsRestricted Foods
Plain grilled chickenNo butter or oil
Lots of vegetablesNo sugar at all
Only water and black coffeeNo snacking
Small portionsNo alcohol

As you can see, Elordi had to give up almost everything tasty and stick to plain diet foods like unseasoned chicken, vegetables, sparkling water, and black coffee. No snacks, desserts, alcohol or fat was allowed at all. This spartan diet coupled with hours of cardiovascular exercise like jogging or swimming shredded his weight down rapidly to skeletal proportions.

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Has Jacob Gained the Weight Back?

After filming ended on The Narrow Road to the Deep North, Elordi was finally able to start eating normally again and regain some pounds. He told Men’s Health magazine recently that he’s back up to 175 pounds but is still slimmer than before his huge weight cut:

“I’ve put some weight back on now thank god! But I don’t think I’ll ever be as big as I was before. This whole experience changed my relationship with food and my body.”

So, while Elordi is no longer skinny and malnourished looking, don’t expect him to return to the same hulking frame he displayed in The Kissing Booth soon. The shocking weight fluctuations took a physical and mental toll on him. But at least now Jacob knows the extremes actors will endure all for the sake of chasing that Oscar!


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