Why did Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet divorce?

Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet were one of Hollywood’s most revered couples when they eloped in 1987. Their creative spirits and bohemian style seemed a perfect match that produced an equally talented daughter, Zoë Kravitz. Yet only a few years into marriage, the two separated before finalizing their divorce in 1993. What led to the end of Kravitz and Bonet’s storybook romance?

Young Love and Fast Courtship

Kravitz and Bonet first connected backstage at a 1985 New Edition concert and felt an instant, electric bond. Despite fame pulling them in opposite directions – Lisa starring on The Cosby Show while Lenny honed his musical craft – they began dating shortly after.

Still in their early 20s, head-over-heels devotion led the couple to marry in Las Vegas on Bonet’s 20th birthday in 1987. At the time, Kravitz admittedly struggled with revelations about his identity and creative direction. Meanwhile, he credited Lisa for awakening his artistic spirit and motivating personal growth.

Their fast-moving courtship resulted in daughter Zoë’s birth in 1988. But the bliss proved short-lived.

Diverging Interests and Priorities

As Lenny Kravitz skyrocketed to stardom with 1989’s Let Love Rule, tensions allegedly grew behind the scenes. He immersed himself in an intoxicating rock star lifestyle while Lisa Bonet sought privacy and soul-searching.

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Close confidants suggest contrasting personalities and visions damaged their bond. Bonet valued introspection, communing with nature, and activism. But Kravitz admitted entanglement with substance abuse and infidelity, which friends say Lisa despised.

By 1991, Bonet left her hit show for other artistic pursuits and to focus on new daughter Zoë away from Hollywood. She also reportedly pressured Lenny to temper his hard-partying behavior.

“I was not a good husband. I was too young, I was too young to be married,” Kravitz later conceded.

With priorities diverging, the couple separated that same year.

The Painful Aftermath of Divorce

Despite joint statements promising an amicable split, Lenny Kravitz badly struggled in subsequent years. He revealed battling severe depression and insomnia following Bonet’s departure.

Much of the distress swam to the surface through raw, emotional songs clearly inspired by heartbreak. The two finalized divorce proceedings in 1993, but Kravitz continued harboring feelings for years.

“I still love her very much,” he told the NY Times in 1993. “More than she’ll ever know.”

Close friends confirm Kravitz pined over Lisa for some time post-divorce. His lyrics equally speak of a profound, indelible bond.

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So while the split itself seemed mutual, Kravitz clearly emerged still grasping for closure.

Building a New Foundation of Friendship

After the initial grief of separation passed, Lenny and Lisa slowly rebuilt a meaningful connection centered on mutual respect. Despite taking years to heal wounds, the two rediscovered affection and support for each other that remains today.

They learned to cherish the passion that joined them, while accepting incompatibility required moving in different directions. Lisa married Jason Momoa in 2007, and Kravitz grew close with both becoming a steadfast friend and supporter. He also split time co-parenting daughter Zoë with Bonet as she grew.

“We’re like brother and sister. After Lisa and I separated, we learned to find a new relationship,” Kravitz remarked in 2019.

Rather than bitterness or regret, both now share pride in their history together and the grown daughter they co-created.

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Fundamental Incompatibilities Doomed the Marriage

While no single incident shattered the foundation beneath Kravitz and Bonet’s storybook late ’80s marriage, clear fault lines emerged that eventually cracked their union apart.

Core differences between their personalities and visions for life loomed too large. Ultimately, their carefree, whimsical love proved no match for diverging interests and Kravitz’s self-destructive patterns.

Yet from grief and loss, the two reforged an unbreakable lifetime connection – one anchoring an extended blended family including second husband Jason Momoa. Despite divorce, Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet rediscovered eternal love through renewed friendship and devotion they still share today.


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