Who Has Olivia Culpo Dated?

Before saying “yes” when Christian McCaffrey proposed on April 2nd, 2023, Olivia Culpo had a star-studded dating history. She’s been linked to famous faces like Nick Jonas and Tim Tebow, along with spending significant time with athletes Danny Amendola and Zedd. Let’s take a nostalgic walk back at Culpo’s journey across romance leading up to her soon-to-be nuptials.

Global Star and Former Beauty Queen

As context, Olivia Culpo’s rise to prominence began after winning the Miss Rhode Island crown in 2012. That same year she went on claim Miss USA and the ultimate prize of Miss Universe. Transitioning to modeling, influencing, acting, Culpo has stayed highly visible for over a decade now. She starred on TLC’s reality show “The Culpo Sisters” and even showcased her swanky LA home on MTV Cribs recently.

So between the pageants, fashion shoots, TV appearances, and social media presence, Culpo frequently made headlines regarding her love life too. Let’s look back on those high-profile relationships pre-McCaffrey:

Ryan Lochte

  • Rumored fling in 2012 with Olympic swimming superstar Ryan Lochte
  • Reports claimed they were hooking up after meeting earlier that year
  • Both parties swiftly denied the gossip
  • If true, seems to have been very short-lived
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Clearly this potential match fizzled out quickly, if it occurred at all. But it kicked off a decade where Culpo drew significant attention and buzz regarding who she was dating.

Nick Jonas

  • Met at 2013 Miss USA pageant where Jonas performed
  • Began officially dating shortly after
  • Highly public romance lasted nearly 2 years
  • Split in June 2015, distance cited as reason
  • Close and amicable breakup by all accounts

No doubt Culpo’s most widely known relationship. The pair were a true A-list celebrity couple during their two years together.

Tim Tebow

  • Dated NFL quarterback briefly from September to November 2015
  • Age difference of 13 years
  • Rumors swirled that Tebow’s abstinence vow ended romance

Quite an unexpected pairing, although ultimately rather short-term fling. Certainly interesting while it lasted!

Culpo had an on-again, off-again romance with Danny Amendola

Danny Amendola

  • Dated NFL wide receiver on-and-off from February 2016 to March 2019
  • Long distance challenges caused initial 2018 breakup
  • Reconciled in summer 2018 before final 2019 split
  • Messy aftermath included bitter social media feud
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No doubt Culpo’s most tumultuous relationship. Their globe-trotting lifestyle ultimately brought too much chaos it seems.


  • Rumored to have hooked up with DJ Zedd briefly in spring 2019
  • Attended Coachella together and his birthday in Miami
  • Neither commented publicly on fling

Appears to have been an ultra short-term cameo in Culpo’s dating history. But grabbed headlines nonetheless!

Christian McCaffrey

  • Began dating NFL running back in mid-2019
  • Bonded over shared love of family
  • Took big step attending 2020 Super Bowl together
  • Celebrated three-year anniversary in 2022
  • Engagement announced April 2023

Finally, Culpo discovered her true partner in Christian McCaffrey. After nearly four years blossoming together, they took the leap to betrothed status this spring.

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Looking Ahead to Married Life

While speculation will surely swirl about wedding planning and future family expansion, McCaffrey himself remains 100% focused on football ambitions for the upcoming season. So Culpo feels no pressure to accelerate their relationship pace, content soaking up their engagement bliss.

“I know that his career comes first…I’m here to support him in any way possible,” stated Culpo.

Indeed, after tasting diverse dating flavors ranging from Hollywood superstars to pro athletes, savvy entrepreneur Culpo seems to have locked in an ideal partner primed for long-term harmony. She can leverage relationship wisdom gleaned from past tribulations and triumphs to strengthen her lifelong bond with McCaffrey.

At 30 years old now, the former pageant queen has defied public scrutiny amidst an eventful personal life to stand poised to officially enter her happily ever after chapter. Congratulations, Olivia and Christian!


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