Where is Farmer Wants a Wife Filmed?

The beloved reality TV show Farmer Wants a Wife has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide with its unique premise of farmers seeking love. This show is not only about romantic connections but also showcases the picturesque landscapes of rural Australia. Let’s dive into the filming locations that make this series visually stunning and explore the beautiful backdrops that have become integral to the show’s charm.

The Scenic Beauty of Rural Australia

Filming Locations Overview

Farmer Wants a Wife is primarily filmed in various rural locations across Australia. Each season features a diverse group of farmers, each from different parts of the country, providing a glimpse into the varied agricultural landscapes of Australia. Here are some notable locations where the show has been filmed:

  • Wamuran, Queensland
  • Bombala, New South Wales
  • Condobolin, New South Wales
  • Kandanga, Queensland
  • Tabilk, Victoria
  • Baan Baa, New South Wales

Wamuran, Queensland

Wamuran, located in the Moreton Bay Region of Queensland, is known for its lush farmlands and scenic beauty. It is here that Bert Harris, a pineapple and dragon fruit farmer, calls home. The vibrant fields and the serene environment provide a perfect backdrop for Bert’s journey to find love.

Bombala, New South Wales

Bombala, situated in the South East region of New South Wales, is where Joe Bobbin’s cattle and sheep farm is located. The rolling hills and expansive pastures of Bombala offer a picturesque setting for the show, highlighting the beauty of rural farming life.

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Exploring the Farms

Condobolin, New South Wales

Condobolin, a town in the Central West region of New South Wales, is where Dustin Manwaring operates his third-generation farm. The vast landscapes and the rich history of the farm add depth to Dustin’s story, showcasing the dedication and hard work of generational farming.

Kandanga, Queensland

Dean Blanckensee’s cattle and watermelon farm is located in Kandanga, Queensland. The region’s fertile soil and favorable climate make it an ideal place for farming. The lush greenery and the vibrant watermelon fields create a visually appealing setting for the show.

Tabilk and Baan Baa: Unique Farming Locations

Tabilk, Victoria

Tom, a young cattle and crop farmer, hails from Tabilk, Victoria. This region is known for its vineyards and agricultural diversity. The serene vineyards and the picturesque countryside provide a charming backdrop for Tom’s quest for love.

Baan Baa, New South Wales

Baan Baa, a small village in New South Wales, is where Todd, a cattle farmer, resides. The quaint and peaceful environment of Baan Baa adds a unique charm to the show, highlighting the simplicity and beauty of rural life.

Behind the Scenes: Production Insights

Selecting the Perfect Locations

The production team of Farmer Wants a Wife goes to great lengths to select locations that not only represent the diverse agricultural practices in Australia but also provide stunning visuals. The chosen locations are integral to the storytelling, as they reflect the farmers’ lifestyles and the environments in which they live and work.

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Filming Challenges and Triumphs

Filming in rural locations comes with its own set of challenges. Weather conditions, accessibility, and the logistical aspects of setting up production in remote areas require meticulous planning and execution. Despite these challenges, the production team consistently delivers a visually captivating show that resonates with viewers.

The Farmers and Their Dates

The show features a diverse group of farmers and their potential love interests. Each farmer’s story is unique, and the locations where they live and work add depth to their journeys.

Bert Harris

  • Location: Wamuran, Queensland
  • Age: 30
  • Profession: Pineapple and dragon fruit farmer
  • Dates:
  • Brooke, Karli, Caitlin, Lauren, Caity, April, Morgan, Ruby, Olivia

Joe Bobbin

  • Location: Bombala, New South Wales
  • Age: 33
  • Profession: Cattle and sheep farmer
  • Dates:
  • Sarah, Keely, Claire, Calya, Chelsea, Jen, Alice, Taylah

Dustin Manwaring

  • Location: Condobolin, New South Wales
  • Age: 26
  • Profession: Third-generation farmer
  • Dates:
  • Anna, Sophie, Belle, Chloe, Izzy, Kara, Bec, Felicity, Kianah
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Dean Blanckensee

  • Location: Kandanga, Queensland
  • Age: 25
  • Profession: Cattle and watermelon farmer
  • Dates:
  • Teegan, Bella, Tiffany, Hayley, Kate, Jayden, Danae, Chloe


  • Location: Tabilk, Victoria
  • Age: 22
  • Profession: Cattle and crop farmer
  • Dates:
  • Krissy, Sarah A., Sarah C., Taylah, Abby, Laura, Emma, Holly


  • Location: Baan Baa, New South Wales
  • Age: 33
  • Profession: Cattle farmer
  • Dates:
  • Jacinta, Daisy, Iyesha, Jamira, Grace, Mollie, Anna, Ellen

Ratings and Reception

The fourteenth season of Farmer Wants a Wife premiered on 14 April 2024, and it has received positive reviews and high viewership ratings. The show’s ability to blend romance with the scenic beauty of rural Australia has resonated with audiences.

No.TitleAir DateTimeslotNational Reach ViewersNational Total ViewersNight Rank
1Episode 114 April 2024Sunday 7:00 pm2,060,0001,015,0004
2Episode 215 April 2024Monday 7:30 pm1,747,000893,0005
3Episode 316 April 2024Tuesday 7:30 pm1,639,000858,0003
4Episode 421 April 2024Sunday 7:00 pm2,125,0001,059,0002
5Episode 522 April 2024Monday 7:30 pm1,698,000923,0004
6Episode 623 April 2024Tuesday 7:30 pm1,835,0001,006,0003
7Episode 728 April 2024Sunday 7:00 pm2,104,0001,101,0002
8Episode 829 April 2024Monday 7:30 pm1,757,000998,0004
9Episode 930 April 2024Tuesday 7:30 pm1,850,000986,0003
10Episode 105 May 2024Sunday 7:00 pm2,209,0001,071,0002
11Episode 116 May 2024Monday 7:30 pm1,767,0001,011,0003
12Episode 127 May 2024Tuesday 7:30 pm1,792,0001,016,0004

Conclusion: The Allure of Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants a Wife has successfully combined the elements of romance and rural life, making it a favorite among viewers. The stunning filming locations across Australia play a significant role in the show’s appeal, providing a beautiful backdrop for the love stories that unfold. From the lush farmlands of Queensland to the serene vineyards of Victoria, each location adds a unique charm to the show. As the series continues to captivate audiences, the scenic beauty of rural Australia remains a central character in the heartwarming narrative of Farmer Wants a Wife.


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