When is Nicolle Wallace Returning?

Veteran political analyst and MSNBC broadcaster Nicolle Wallace has delighted cable news audiences for years with her sharp commentary and anchoring style. However, as she takes extended maternity leave, Nicolle’s loyal fanbase has sorely missed her vibrant presence over the past few months.

When exactly might this media star retake her anchor chair amid a pivotal election cycle?

When is Nicolle Wallace Returning?

Recapping Nicolle’s Groundbreaking Career

For context, let’s review trailblazer Nicolle Wallace’s extensive background in both politics and broadcasting:

  • White House Communications Director under President George W. Bush
  • Senior advisor on John McCain’s 2008 campaign
  • Bestselling author of political potboilers
  • Former co-host of beloved ABC talk show The View
  • Current host of Deadline: White House weekdays on MSNBC

Clearly, the multi-talented Nicolle boasts both real-world political expertise and telegenic broadcasting chops.

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Why Viewers Pine for Her Return

As a TV host, Nicolle has honed a warm, relatable style that makes audiences feel they’re analyzing the news alongside a quick-witted friend. Fans especially admire:

  • Her cheerful banter with contributors
  • Skill directing fast-paced panel discussions
  • Taking complex issues and making them accessible

During Nicolle’s maternity absence, her ratings have evidently plunged as lesser-known fill-in hosts struggle to replicate her rapport with viewers.

Giving Birth to Baby Joy Amidst a Dark Time

In brighter personal news, Nicolle joyously welcomed a new baby girl via surrogate last November. This new daughter – her second child – is a blessing amidst contemporary political tensions.

Nicolle announced her daughter Isabella’s arrival by proudly phoning into her show, gushing:

“Mike and Liam and I are all smitten with her. Our dogs are still rendering judgment.”

After a tumultuous midterm election cycle, Nicolle cherishes the precious early days of bonding with her extended family.

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Speculation on a Possible Return Date

Currently MSNBC execs anticipate Nicolle will extend her maternity leave until at least early Spring. However, sources say Nicolle feels no rush to resume her hectic schedule yet, prioritizing time with her newborn.

The inside scoop suggests a guesstimate return timeframe of:

  • March/April 2023 – She may wait until Baby Isabella hits the 6-month mark
  • May/June 2023 – Potentially holding out until closer to the 1-year mark

Nicolle will undoubtedly appreciate more family-oriented life for now beyond the stresses of politics.

She Will Be Back Better Than Ever

Once this rare extended maternity leave concludes, expect Nicolle Wallace will return with replenished vigor in time for the intense 2024 campaign cycle.

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Drawing on her firsthand White House and campaign expertise, Nicolle will surely provide quintessential insight and commentary as the election approaches. MSNBC executives are undoubtedly yearning for both Nicolle’s returning ratings dominance and her incomparable political analysis.

Until their favorite anchor resumes her rightful place in the desk chair, devoted Nicolle Wallace fans will continue counting down the days to her anticipated homecoming. Nicolle’s warmth and wisdom are sorely lacking from the current cable news television landscape.


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