What Is Maddie Ziegler Doing Now?

Maddie Ziegler rose to fame as a young dancer on Dance Moms and through her collaborations with Sia. Now 21 years old, she continues her multi-faceted career across dance, acting, fashion, writing, and more. Let’s explore some of her latest projects and achievements.

Starring Role in Spielberg’s West Side Story

In 2021, Maddie Ziegler landed a major film role playing Velma in Steven Spielberg’s remake of the revered musical West Side Story. As a member of the Jets gang, Ziegler got to showcase her dancing while also demonstrating noteworthy acting ability.

The movie adaptation earned critical acclaim and awards attention, including:

  • 4 Golden Globe nominations
  • Over $80 million worldwide box office

Taking on an iconic part like Velma represented a big step for the young performer, who held her own among the ensemble cast.

Launching Athleisure Collections with Fabletics

Beyond performing, Maddie Ziegler has made major forays into fashion as well over the past few years. She’s partnered with activewear brand Fabletics since 2019, founded by Kate Hudson.

Her collections with the label feature dance-inspired styles reflecting her trademark approach to movement and comfort. Past releases have included:

  • April 2020 capsule of loungewear essentials
  • December 2020 collection inspired by holidays in New York
  • June 2021 earth tones-focused designs
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The June 2021 collection exemplified her evolution as a designer, with reviewers praising the fabrics and fits as her best yet. Ziegler also voiced enthusiasm over the creative process and expanding her skills in new areas.

Releasing Her Second Book

Maddie Ziegler added published author to her resume back in 2017 when her memoir The Maddie Diaries became a New York Times Bestseller. The book offered fans an inside look into her rapid rise at such a young age.

Now she prepares to release her sophomore book The Maddie Ziegler Journal later this year. The guided journal aims to motivate and inspire young people to pursue their passions through prompts and creative exercises.

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Early hype suggests the new book will enable Ziegler to connect with readers on a deeper level around personal growth and self-expression.

Supporting Sia’s New Film Project

Of course, Ziegler remains closely linked to the mentorship and support from singer-songwriter Sia. That multi-year friendship traces back to their first collaboration on 2014’s iconic Chandelier music video.

In 2021, Sia and Ziegler teamed up once more on the very personal musical drama film Music. Ziegler took on the central role of Music, a young girl on the autism spectrum. Her emotional performance earned strong marks as one of the highlights:

“Maddie Ziegler played the role of Music, the autistic girl, and received praise for her expressive and emotional performance.”

Even through taking risks on more demanding material, Maddie continues showcasing tremendous maturity beyond her years.

Thriving in Personal Life As Well

While scaling career highs across entertainment and business, Ziegler also has embraced opportunities to just revel in the life of a 21-year-old. She frequently shares fun moments with boyfriend Eddie Benjamin, an Australian musician, and supports her sister Mackenzie’s own thriving dance/music career.

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Most importantly, she radiates positivity and joy while encouraging fans to follow their dreams. With so much already accomplished, Maddie Ziegler still seems just at the start of an amazing journey with her trademark creative spirit.


At only 21 years old, Maddie Ziegler has fully evolved into a multi-talented performer, entrepreneur and role model. From a breakout film role to launching her own fashion label; authoring bestselling books to supporting friends’ passion projects; her drive never dulls across disciplines. Most excitingly, she’s only begun tapping into her limitless potential.


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