What Happened To Billie From Vanderpump Rules?

Billie Lee made waves as the first transgender cast member on Vanderpump Rules during her stint on the show from 2017-2019. However, her time on the Bravo reality series came to an abrupt and controversial end after Season 7. Lee later opened up about feeling ostracized and bullied by certain co-stars. So what has the activist and entertainer been up to since departing Vanderpump Rules?

Recapping Lee’s Time on Vanderpump Rules

Billie Lee joined the Vanderpump Rules cast in Season 6 as a hostess at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR. She immediately brought more diversity and representation of the LGBTQ+ community to the show. However, Lee slowly revealed she didn’t always feel welcomed or accepted by established cast members.

She accused some co-stars of refusing to film scenes with her and making transphobic remarks behind her back. At the Season 7 reunion, Lee directly called out Lala Kent and Katie Maloney for “bullying” behavior. The tensions ultimately reached a breaking point by the end of the season.

Lee Says She Was Fired in Retaliation

When Lee didn’t return for Season 8, it was initially unclear whether she left voluntarily or was let go. In a 2019 blog post, Lee wrote vaguely:

“I left the show feeling overwhelmed, spiritually drained, and betrayed.”

However, Lee shared more details in a 2022 podcast interview. She claimed that toward the end of Season 7:

“I was told that Jax [Taylor] and them did not want to film with me. I was dismissed. I was fired.”

Lee believes certain cast members gave producers an ultimatum – either she goes or they would no longer film the show. Bravo ultimately chose to cater to the longer-standing reality stars over Lee. But they framed her departure as a voluntary exit rather than a retaliatory firing.

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What Lee Has Been Doing Since Vanderpump Rules

Since leaving reality TV behind, Lee continues using her platform to uplift LGBTQ+ voices and causes. She currently hosts a podcast called Billie and The Kid tackling topics like gender identity, sexuality, and relationships. Lee also performs stand-up comedy focused on her experiences as a trans woman.

And she still keeps in touch with a few Vanderpump Rules cast members, including Tom Sandoval. In fact, Ariana Madix recently accused Lee of “literally living” in the home she still shares with ex Sandoval, fueling speculation about their relationship.

But Lee maintains she is only good friends with Sandoval, telling Page Six:

“She doesn’t live there, but Tom and Billie are very close friends and have been forever. She goes over often just to hang out, like a lot of Tom’s other friends. That’s it.”

So while Lee no longer deals with the drama of reality television, she found fulfillment advocating for equality and bringing awareness to trans issues. And she’ll undoubtedly continue making occasional cameo appearances on Vanderpump Rules thanks to her lingering ties to Sandoval and Lisa Vanderpump.

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Would Lee Ever Return to the Show?

With numerous controversial Vanderpump Rules firings lately, could Billie Lee ever make a comeback? When asked in 2022 if she’d consider returning, Lee seemed skeptical:

“I don’t know if I could go back to that environment, just because it was so toxic.”

She also emphasized wishing to pursue her own creative projects rather than remaining part of the Bravo machine.

However, fans did catch a glimpse of Lee briefly attending Scheana’s birthday party in a recent Season 10 episode. So while a full-time return seems unlikely given her past experiences, perhaps Lee would agree to film occasional appearances to support her former co-stars.

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Either way, Lee appears focused on using her own voice and platforms to enact positive change rather than resurrecting old conflicts. Her Vanderpump Rules tenure will be remembered as groundbreaking but turbulent. Thankfully, Lee has found confidence and purpose as an activist in the years since, while still maintaining ties to a few allies and friends from her reality show days.


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