What did Pedro Pascal say about Kieran Culkin?

A hilarious bit between Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin stole the show at the 2023 Emmy Awards on Monday night. Pascal blamed his injured shoulder on Culkin having “beat the s**t out of” him – continuing a playful feud from previous award shows.

Origins of Pedro vs Kieran Jesting

The lighthearted back-and-forth between the drama stars began at January’s Golden Globe Awards. There, Culkin collected the Best Actor trophy over fellow nominee Pascal. And the Succession actor cheekily taunted his peer in the speech:

“Pedro, you’re good. But suck it.”

Flash forward to the Primetime Emmys eight months later, where both men competed in the same category again. A sling-wearing Pascal seized the opportunity getting censored revenge.

Exact Wording of Pascal’s Culkin Call-Out

Before presenting the Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Emmy, Pascal clarified his injured shoulder resulted from Culkin himself:

“A lot of people have been asking about my arm. It’s actually my shoulder. And I think tonight is a perfect time to tell everyone that Kieran Culkin…”

The TV feed then bleeped Pascal’s explicit accusation alleging excessive violence from the Succession actor. But uncensored footage revealed Pascal stated:

Kieran Culkin beat the shit out of me.

A stone-faced Culkin stared menacingly back at Pascal for added comedic effect after the shock-value line. Even censored, the outrageous bromance bit clearly delighted Emmy viewers.

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Behind Pascal’s Actual Injury

In reality, Pascal hurt his shoulder simply from an accidental fall, as he previously explained to the Associated Press:

“Be careful! …It can happen to anybody.”

But the minor mishap provided optimal ammunition continuing the playful Culkin feud through Hollywood’s awards circuit. Hence why Pascal leaned hard into the exaggerated shoulder attack narrative for laughs on the Emmys stage.

Reactions to Pedro Blaming Kieran

Observers overwhelmingly relished the tongue-in-cheek culmination of thefake Pascal-Culkin beef at the 2023 Emmys ceremony.

Entertainment outlets praised the hilarious banter bringing levity to the prestigious television awards:

  • E! News: “Iconic Emmy moment”
  • TVLine: “Delightfully silly bit”
  • Entertainment Weekly: “Comedic highlights of the night”
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And amused fans flooded social media conveying their delight:

  • Twitter user: “Kieran Culkin staring him down sent me” ????
  • Reddit comment: “Their comedic chemistry is amazing”
  • Instagram post: “I need them to star in a buddy comedy now!”

So Pascal and Culkin clearly scored by stretching an innocuous injury into comedic fodder for not just one awards show – but two.

What’s Next for Pedro and Kieran?

While just a silly running gag between respected actors, this fake “feud” between Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin definitely grabbed attention across Golden Globes and Emmy ceremonies.

Could their hilarious dynamic spawn actual collaborative projects in the future? Multiple commentators advocated for Pascal and Culkin headlining a film together following their viral awards show moments:

“These two need to make a movie where they play long-lost brothers or something STAT,” one viewer tweeted.

While purely by chance, Pascal and Culkin uncovered major comedic chemistry playing adversarial foils. Now fans yearn to see that humor and electricity harnessed in a buddy comedy, action flick or otherwise.

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For now, we’ll have to settle for their social media interactions continuing the charade like Culkin’s recent Instagram post:

“You hit me first bro. Still healing. #Uncool #BigBully #NotFunny”

Here’s hoping a genuine Pascal-Culkin partnership materializes to capitalize on their sudden synergy and audience goodwill. Because their awards show antics proved kindred spirited talents attracting wide entertainment.

Even a simple sling set the stage for two drama icons bonding through riotous satire. Expect the tongue-in-cheek mythology of “Kieran Culkin beating the shit out of Pedro Pascal” living on for years in Hollywood lore.


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