What Book is Reacher Season 3 Based On? The Solo Adventure of Alan Ritchson’s Jack Reacher

Reacher is a Prime Video series that adapts the bestselling novels by Lee Child, featuring the iconic character of Jack Reacher, a former military policeman who wanders the country and gets involved in various mysteries and crimes. The series stars Alan Ritchson as Reacher, who brings a new and different interpretation of the character than the previous film versions by Tom Cruise. The series has been renewed for a third season, which will be based on one of the most popular and acclaimed books in the Jack Reacher series. Here is everything you need to know about the book that will inspire Reacher season 3, and what to expect from the solo adventure of Alan Ritchson’s Jack Reacher.

The Book for Reacher Season 3: Tripwire

The book for Reacher season 3 has been confirmed by Lee Child, the author and executive producer of the series, in an interview with The Messenger1. Child revealed that the book they chose for the third season is Tripwire, the third book in the Jack Reacher series, published in 1999. Child explained that they wanted a book that would showcase Reacher’s character and independence, and that they found a compelling opening scene and a great story in Tripwire. He said:

“We’ve picked it up, it’s chosen. It’s a good choice, I gotta say. I think we’ve been very creative about how we’ve sequenced the type of story. We felt we needed a book that was more Reacher alone for the third season, and so it was a question of which story would work best for that, and which one would have a great opening scene and all of that, and we found one that we loved.”

Tripwire is a fan-favorite novel that follows Reacher as he tries to find out why a private investigator was looking for him, and why he was killed shortly after meeting him. Reacher’s investigation leads him to reconnect with Jodie Garber, the daughter of his former commanding officer, and to uncover a conspiracy involving a ruthless businessman, a Vietnam veteran, and a buried secret from Reacher’s past.

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The Plot and Characters of Reacher Season 3: What to Expect

Reacher season 3 will likely follow the plot and characters of Tripwire, with some changes and adaptations to fit the TV format and the continuity of the series. The season will probably start with Reacher living a peaceful and low-key life in Key West, Florida, where he works as a pool digger and a bouncer. His life is disrupted when he meets a private investigator named Costello, who claims to be hired by someone to find Reacher. Costello is killed soon after, and Reacher decides to find out who was looking for him and why.

Reacher’s quest takes him to New York, where he reunites with Jodie Garber, the daughter of his former mentor and friend, General Leon Garber. Jodie is a lawyer who works for a powerful firm, and who has inherited a large fortune from her father. She is also Reacher’s former lover, and they rekindle their romance. Reacher and Jodie discover that the person who hired Costello was a woman named Marilyn Stone, who claims to be Reacher’s long-lost mother. Reacher is skeptical, but decides to meet her.

Reacher and Jodie soon realize that they are being followed and targeted by a group of hired killers, led by a man named Hook Hobie. Hobie is a ruthless and sadistic businessman, who runs a loan-sharking and extortion operation. He is also a former helicopter pilot, who served in Vietnam and faked his death to escape a court-martial. He has assumed the identity of another soldier, Victor Hobie, and has built a fortune and a reputation based on his lies. Hobie has a personal vendetta against Reacher, and will stop at nothing to kill him.

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Reacher and Jodie have to use their skills and resources to survive Hobie’s attacks, and to expose his crimes and secrets. They also have to deal with their own personal issues, such as Reacher’s past, Jodie’s future, and their relationship. Reacher season 3 will be a thrilling and emotional journey, that will test Reacher’s character and resolve, and reveal more about his backstory and personality.

The Cast and Release Date of Reacher Season 3: Who Will Star and When Will It Premiere

Reacher season 3 will feature Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher, the main protagonist and hero of the series. Ritchson has received praise for his portrayal of Reacher, bringing a physicality and charisma that matches the character’s description in the books. Ritchson has also expressed his enthusiasm and gratitude for playing Reacher, and has teased that season 3 will be a “whole new world” for his character2.

Reacher season 3 will also introduce new characters and actors, based on the book Tripwire. The most important ones are Jodie Garber, Reacher’s love interest and ally, and Hook Hobie, Reacher’s nemesis and enemy. The casting for these roles has not been announced yet, but fans have been speculating and suggesting various names and options. Some of the fan-favorite choices for Jodie Garber are Emily Blunt, Olivia Wilde, and Jessica Chastain. Some of the fan-favorite choices for Hook Hobie are Jon Bernthal, Tom Hardy, and Javier Bardem.

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Reacher season 3 does not have a release date yet, but it is expected to premiere sometime in 2025. The series has been filming its second and third seasons back-to-back, to avoid delays and interruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The second season is set to debut on Prime Video in February 2025, and will be based on the book Bad Luck and Trouble. The third season will follow later in the year, and will be based on the book Tripwire. The series has been renewed for a fourth season, but the book for that season has not been revealed yet.


Reacher season 3 will be based on the book Tripwire, one of the most popular and acclaimed books in the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. The season will follow Reacher as he tries to find out who was looking for him, and why he is being hunted by a ruthless and sadistic villain. The season will also feature Reacher’s romance with Jodie Garber, his former lover and friend. The season will be a solo adventure for Reacher, that will showcase his character and independence. The season will star Alan Ritchson as Reacher, and will introduce new characters and actors, based on the book. The season will premiere on Prime Video in 2025, and will be the third of four seasons of the series.


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