The Revival of San Francisco’s Historic Anchor Brewing

After a shocking closure last year, San Francisco’s iconic Anchor Brewing has found a new owner, breathing new life into the city’s beloved craft beer brand.

A Billionaire Savior

“I walked in those hallways, I read a lot of the history, I met the people in the community and talked about the brand, he said in an interview, sporting a dark blue Anchor Brewing baseball cap and a We ❤️SF lapel pin. “I felt completely home.”

These are the words of Hamdi Ulukaya, the Turkish-born billionaire entrepreneur and founder of Chobani, who has purchased Anchor Brewing and its historic Potrero Hill facilities.

Restoring the Legacy

Ulukaya’s plans for Anchor Brewing include:

  • Restoring the brand’s traditional branding and imagery
  • Repositioning the company as a national player in the beverage space
  • Connecting with the community and honoring the brewery’s 127-year history
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A Listening Tour

To ensure Anchor Brewing’s revival aligns with the community’s wishes, Ulukaya has embarked on a “listening tour” to gather input from locals and fans alike.

“I don’t like sitting around and waiting too long,” Ulukaya said. “I don’t have a lot of patience, you have to get to work.”

A Parallel Journey

Ulukaya sees parallels between reviving Anchor Brewing and his own journey with Chobani, which he founded after purchasing a shuttered yogurt factory in New York.

“I’m addicted to restarting something,” he shared, reflecting on his passion for reviving iconic brands.

A Promising Future

With Ulukaya’s commitment to preserving Anchor Brewing’s legacy while propelling it into a new era, the future looks bright for San Francisco’s beloved craft beer icon.

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