The Helldivers 2 Battle: From Review Bombs to Community Wins

Helldivers 2 players faced a unique battle recently, not just against enemies in the game, but against the game itself. This trouble started when Sony removed Helldivers 2 from sale in 177 countries and territories without PSN access. Upset players flooded the game’s Steam page with over 211,000 negative reviews, dropping its rating to “Mixed.”

In response, Johan Pilestedt, the then-CEO of Arrowhead Studios, tweeted, “We are talking solutions with Sony, especially in non-PSN countries. Your voice has been heard, and I am doing everything I can to speak for the community – but I don’t have the final say.” Unfortunately, this didn’t help much at first, as players felt he was just passing the blame.

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The situation started to improve when Pilestedt shared a new idea: a cape in the game decorated with the review bomb design. What began as a joke quickly became popular in the community. Pilestedt even shared a sneak peek of the cape on Twitter, showing its red lines representing the negative reviews.

Although the cape is ready, players still can’t get it. Pilestedt confirmed it’s “done on our end, but we want to find the right time to release it.” Some players think it would be smart to release the cape along with the game being sold again in the excluded regions. With Sony recently changing its mind, this could happen soon.

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Meanwhile, Helldivers 2 players faced another tough choice in the game: save a hospital full of sick children or get a new weapon. Amazingly, the community chose to save the children. To celebrate this, Pilestedt announced he would donate $4,311 to Save the Children, rewarding players for their good deed.

Helldivers 2 has had a rough time, but the community’s strength and the developers’ efforts are turning things around. The awaited cape symbolizes their resilience. As the community looks forward to what’s next, it’s clear their unity and voice have made a big difference.


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