The Exemplar I: A Unique Blend of Italian Coachwork and American Muscle

Imagine a car that perfectly blends Italian style and American muscle. That’s exactly what the Exemplar I is all about. This one-of-a-kind beauty was built to showcase the elegance of copper, bronze, and brass trim. It’s like nothing else out there.

Under the hood, you’ll find a seriously powerful Buick V-8 engine. We’re talking 430 cubic inches of pure American muscle, cranking out a whopping 360 horsepower and an incredible 475 pound-feet of torque. This thing is a beast!

The crazy part is that hardly anyone has even seen this car. It’s been hidden away for most of its life, but now it’s ready to steal the show. If you’re lucky enough to become the new owner, just make sure you’ve got plenty of Brasso on hand to keep all that stunning metal trim looking its best.

It’s funny to think that most car companies gave up on using anything other than chrome for trim way back before World War I. But the Bridgeport Brass Company and the Copper Development Association knew that copper and brass had a timeless elegance that deserved to be celebrated. So they teamed up to create this incredible machine – a perfect combination of Italian design and American luxury.

Trust me, you’ve never seen anything quite like the Exemplar I. It’s a true work of art on wheels.

Hey, have you heard the news? That amazing concept car, the Exemplar I, is now up for grabs on Bring a Trailer! Can you believe it? I mean, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of automotive history.

What makes this car so special, you ask? Well, for starters, it’s a total one-off. There’s literally nothing else like it out there. The design comes from the mind of Mario Revelli di Beaumont, an Italian automotive designer who definitely deserves more recognition if you ask me.

But here’s the really cool part – they took a Buick Riviera Gran Sport chassis and handed it over to Carrozzeria Coggiola in Turin. Those Italian maestros worked their magic, crafting a stunning custom body that’s absolutely dripping with copper, bronze, and brass. I’m telling you, there’s probably more copper on this car than you’d find in the wiring of three brand-new electric vehicles combined!

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It’s crazy to think that a concept car this unique is actually up for auction. I mean, it’s not every day that you get the chance to own something that’s truly one-of-a-kind. And with Bring a Trailer being part of the same family as Car and Driver (thanks, Hearst Autos!), you know this is the real deal.

So, if you’ve got a garage big enough and a bank account to match, why not take a shot at owning this incredible piece of automotive art? Trust me, you’ll be the talk of every car show and the envy of collectors everywhere.

Imagine a mashup of the stunning Iso Grifo and the sleek Intermeccanica 5000GT, and you’ll start to get a feel for the Exemplar I’s pedigree. Back in the late 1960s, blending Italian coachwork with the raw power of an American V-8 engine was a recipe for automotive brilliance. It was like taking the best of both worlds and creating something truly extraordinary.

And that’s exactly what the brass and copper associations had in mind when they dreamed up this one-of-a-kind concept car. They wanted to create a rolling billboard that would showcase the beauty and versatility of their materials in the most eye-catching way possible.

By combining the impeccable craftsmanship of Italian design houses with the brute force of American muscle, they created a car that was more than just a pretty face. It was a statement piece, a testament to the enduring appeal of copper, brass, and bronze in the automotive world.

So, when you look at the Exemplar I, don’t just see a car. See it as a masterpiece, a work of art that captures the spirit of an era when anything seemed possible, and the only limit was the imagination of the designers and engineers who dared to dream big.

Okay, so get this – the trim on this car is straight-up copper. Not just a little bit, but everywhere. And the lower bumpers? They’re rocking a serious brass coating. But wait, there’s more! The grille has this amazing bronzed finish that just screams luxury.

And don’t even get me started on the rear louvres – they’re brass too! It’s like the designers were sitting around and thought, “You know what this car needs? More brass.” Oh, and the 16-inch wire wheels? Yep, you guessed it – brass plated. Because why not?

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But here’s the crazy part – even the brake discs are made of copper. I mean, who does that? It’s like they looked at every single component of this car and thought, “How can we make this more over-the-top?”

Now, I know what you’re thinking – this all sounds a bit much, right? Like, there’s no way this could actually look good. But somehow, the design totally pulls it off. It’s got hints of Alfa-Romeo Montreal, AMX, and even a little bit of Lamborghini Miura all mixed together in this long, low, and seriously sleek package.

And when I say long, I mean it. The hood on this thing is so generous, you could probably fit a spare tire in there right in front of the V-8 engine. It’s like they wanted to make sure you had plenty of room for all your copper-plated essentials, you know?

All in all, the Exemplar I is a wild ride. It’s a car that doesn’t hold back when it comes to making a statement, and it definitely succeeds in standing out from the crowd. I mean, how could it not with all that brass and copper everywhere you look?

Let me tell you, the real showstopper of the Exemplar I is the interior. When you open the door and peek inside, it’s like stepping into a world of pure luxury. The designers went all out with copper accents everywhere you look, and the red and black leather? It’s so sumptuous, you’ll feel like royalty just sitting in it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – maintaining all that polished metal must be a total nightmare. But honestly, when you compare it to the boring interiors we see in most modern cars, with their cheap-looking piano black plastic trim and endless touchscreens, the Exemplar’s interior is a breath of fresh air. It’s the kind of luxurious, well-crafted space that we just don’t see enough of these days. I really hope some brave car designer out there takes a page from this one-off’s book and brings back some of that old-school charm.

Under the hood, the Exemplar I is packing some serious heat. We’re talking about a massive 430-cubic-inch V-8 that churns out a whopping 360 horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque. It’s the kind of raw, unapologetic power that American cars of the late 1960s did so well. Pair that with a three-speed automatic transmission and a Positraction rear end, and you’ve got a machine that’s part muscle car, part luxury sofa on wheels.

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Back in the day, the Exemplar I made quite a splash on the auto show circuit, drawing admiring crowds wherever it went. But as the 1970s rolled in, it was eventually decommissioned and ended up in the hands of Bridgeport Brass Company president Herman Steinkraus. He held onto this gem for two decades before it spent another 25 years in storage. Finally, someone had the good sense to give it the restoration it deserved.

And boy, did that restoration pay off! The Exemplar I went on to win its class at the prestigious Amelia Island Concours, cementing its status as a true collector’s dream. The best part? With all that reliable Buick running gear under the skin, keeping this beauty in top shape shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Heck, you could even take it out for a spin in a vintage touring event – just don’t expect to rack up too many miles, as the odometer only shows a mere 1,800.

Of course, the lucky owner of this one-of-a-kind masterpiece will probably spend plenty of weekends in the garage, making sure all that brass and bronze stays shiny and brilliant. But hey, that’s just part of the charm, right?

If you’re itching to get your hands on this incredible piece of automotive history, you’d better act fast – the auction ends on April 15th. Who knows when you’ll get another chance to own a car that’s guaranteed to make jaws drop wherever you go?


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