Is Severide Leaving Chicago Fire Again?

Lieutenant Kelly Severide has been an integral member of Firehouse 51 on NBC’s Chicago Fire since the show’s premiere over a decade ago. Portrayed by Taylor Kinney, Severide leads the rescue squad and also serves as a central character in the weekly drama. So when he temporarily left the Windy City midway through Season 11, … Read more

Is Cruz Leaving Chicago Fire?

One of the original characters on NBC’s hit drama Chicago Fire, Joe Cruz, hinted at his potential exit in the recent preview of Season 12, Episode 2. The revelation left loyal viewers concerned over whether actor Joe Minoso will be written out in the current season. Let’s analyze the situation surrounding Cruz’s status on Firehouse … Read more

Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 1 Release Date, Cast, Preview

After an extended hiatus due to Hollywood strikes, Chicago Fire finally returns for season 12 on January 17, 2024. The premiere picks up after a time jump from last season’s dramatic cliffhangers involving Severide’s disappearance and Brett’s reaction to Casey’s proposal. Showrunner Andrea Newman confirmed key questions will be addressed while introducing new wrinkles for … Read more