Super Tuesday presents major test for Trump, Haley

This coming Tuesday, March 5th, presents the most pivotal stretch yet in the 2024 Republican presidential primary race. Known as “Super Tuesday,” upwards of 15 state primaries and caucuses will dole out a mammoth number of delegates that could solidify frontrunner status.

Former President Donald Trump and challenger Nikki Haley now stare down fraught days potentially deciding their dueling White House ambitions once and for all.

Super Tuesday presents major test for Trump, Haley

Over 850 Delegates Up for Grabs Across 14 States

In just a single day, Super Tuesday states will allocate around 854 delegates – over a third of total convention delegates:

  • California (172 delegates)
  • Texas (128 delegates)
  • Florida (122 delegates)

Winning states becomes secondary to amassing delegates with 1,215 required to clinch nomination. This cross-country electoral bonanza will profoundly reshape the race and odds moving forward.

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Trump Holds Commanding Polling Lead

Despite Haley’s persistence, Trump continues dominating polls six weeks into voting. His national average support stands at:

  • 79% to Haley’s 15% per RealClearPolitics
  • Sizeable leads across battleground state surveys too

Haley argues she polls stronger than Trump when hypothetically facing President Biden. But even there, data shows Trump deadlocked or ahead in pivotal Midwest swing states.

Barring a Super Tuesday surprise, Trump remains the prohibitive favorite barring an unforeseen shift.

Haley Pins Hopes on Open Primary States

With the deck stacked against her, Haley seeks gaining traction in states holding open or semi-open primaries:

  • Allows crossover voting from Independents and Democrats
  • Could enable Anti-Trump Republicans to boost Haley
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But the former South Carolina governor has yet to decisively win any state primary thus far. And funding concerns forced her campaign layoffs despite substantial fundraising.

Both Target Immigration on Border Visits

In the run-up to Tuesday, both Trump and Biden visited the U.S.-Mexico border decrying the immigration crisis. The issue spotlight reminds voters of Trump’s signature 2016 platform.

Trump spokesperson Karoline Leavitt blasted the situation as “resulting in more than 9 million illegal immigrants, 27 tons of deadly fentanyl, and dangerous criminals crossing the border since [Biden] took office.”

Haley Fighting for Political Life After Tuesday

Barring some improbable night where Haley steals several heavily Trump-leaning states, her road ahead shortens even more. Republican leaders may pressure her departure to consolidate efforts against Biden.

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But Haley maintains Trump’s controversies render him unelectable versus the sitting president in a general election. Her mission centers showing GOP voters agree once viable options emerge.

Of course, Trump counters that polls reveal the opposite – he remains the superior anti-Biden foil for Republicans nationally. And his command of the conservative base seems just as solid.

Super Tuesday shapes up as decisive litmus test on whether sufficient unease exists within Republican ranks to fuel a Haley uprising. If not, Trump cruises onwards eyeing redemption against his Democratic foil this November.


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