Spotify Offers Refunds for Car Thing After Backlash

Unplugging the Car Thing

Last week, Spotify announced it would be bricking its Car Thing streaming device on December 9, 2024. The move drew criticism from users who had paid $90 for a product with a limited lifespan.

Refund Policy Reversal

Initially, Spotify’s customer service reportedly only offered a few months of free Premium access to disgruntled Car Thing owners. However, the company has now changed course:

“Spotify says it has quietly begun offering refunds for its soon-to-be-bricked Car Thing.”

As of May 26th, customers with proof of purchase can contact support for a full refund.

User Backlash

The bricking announcement sparked backlash across social media:

  • Gen Z users expressed frustration on TikTok
  • Others complained directly to Spotify via DMs and customer support channels
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Some even filed a class-action lawsuit accusing Spotify of misleading customers by selling a product it would soon make obsolete without refunds.

Getting Your Refund

If you own a Spotify Car Thing, you can now request a refund by contacting customer service with your proof of purchase. If you’ve been denied a refund since May 26th, try reaching out again.

The reversal shows Spotify responding to user outrage over the abrupt end-of-life for a recent hardware product. As companies increasingly sell connected devices, clear refund policies will be crucial to maintain consumer trust.


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