Qatar airways AND turbulence | Terrifying Turbulence: Qatar Airways Flight from Doha to Dublin Leaves Passengers Injured and Shaken

A Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Dublin encountered severe turbulence, causing significant distress among passengers and crew. The incident, which unfolded as the aircraft was en route to its destination, led to a chaotic scene on board and has raised serious concerns about flight safety and turbulence management.

Incident Overview

Mid-Air Turbulence Over Turkey

On Sunday, Qatar Airways flight QR017, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, was flying over Turkey when it was struck by unexpected turbulence. The turbulence was severe enough to injure twelve individuals onboard, according to reports from airport authorities.

Emergency Response

Upon landing safely at Dublin Airport, the airline confirmed that six passengers and six crew members had sustained injuries. Eight of the injured were transported to nearby hospitals for further medical attention.

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Passenger Accounts

A Terrifying Experience

Passengers described the turbulence as a harrowing ordeal. One individual stated, “It was the most terrifying experience of my life. People were screaming, and it felt like the plane was dropping out of the sky.”

Crew’s Struggle to Maintain Order

Flight attendants also faced challenges as they tried to assist passengers amidst the chaos. “The crew did their best to calm everyone down, but it was a very scary situation,” recounted another passenger.

Impact on Crew and Passengers

Injuries and Immediate Care

Dublin Airport’s statement highlighted that six passengers and six crew members reported injuries due to the turbulence. The quick response ensured that those with more severe injuries received immediate medical attention.

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Long-Term Psychological Effects

The psychological impact of such an event can be profound. Many passengers expressed reluctance to fly again soon. “It was so scary… I am not in a hurry to get back on a plane I can tell you,” said one shaken traveler.

Analyzing the Incident

Predictability and Management of Turbulence

This incident has raised important questions about how turbulence is predicted and managed. Despite modern aircraft being designed to withstand severe turbulence, the experience remains terrifying for those on board.

Qatar Airways’ Response

Qatar Airways has promised a thorough investigation to determine the causes of the turbulence and to implement measures to prevent future incidents. The airline has also apologized to all affected passengers for the distress caused.

Broader Implications

Turbulence in Modern Aviation

While fatalities due to turbulence are rare, injuries have become more common. Reports of turbulence encounters are increasing, prompting a closer examination of potential contributing factors.

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Climate Change and Flight Conditions

Some meteorologists and aviation analysts suggest that climate change could be impacting flying conditions, leading to more frequent and severe turbulence. This incident underscores the need for ongoing research and adaptation in aviation safety protocols.


The Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Dublin serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of air travel. As the airline investigates the causes of this incident, passengers and crew alike are left to recover from a terrifying experience. The aviation industry must continue to enhance safety measures to ensure that passengers can travel with confidence, even amidst the unpredictable forces of nature.


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