Noem Faces Criticism and Lawsuit Over Social Media Promotions

South Dakota Governor Posts Video Promoting Local Business

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) recently posted a video on X, formerly known as Twitter, promoting Fit My Feet, a local business that creates custom insoles for shoes and boots. In the video, Noem praised the company’s work, saying, “They have totally built me inserts for running, separate ones for my cowboy boots. I’m gonna be perfect, I’m gonna be like bionic woman now.”

Noem Faces Criticism and Lawsuit Over Social Media Promotions

The governor also asked the employees about their store locations across South Dakota, to which they listed various locations. Noem responded enthusiastically, saying, “Sweet. I’m gonna be amazing.”

Previous Video Sparks Controversy and Legal Action

However, Noem’s promotion of Fit My Feet comes amid criticism and a lawsuit over a previous video she posted promoting a cosmetic dentistry company in Texas. The consumer advocacy group Travelers United is suing Noem, accusing her of violating Washington, D.C., consumer protection laws.

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The nearly five-minute video, which was filmed in a commercial-like style, featured close-ups of Noem’s teeth, before and after shots of her smile, and a dentist working with a patient. The lawsuit alleges that the video was an undisclosed advertisement for the dentistry firm Smile Texas.

“Unfortunately Noem did not mark this as an ‘Ad’ or ‘Advertisement’ when posting so she is participating in an unfair and deceptive practice,” the lawsuit stated.

The lawsuit demands that Noem mark future promoted content with advertising labels and pay undisclosed damages.

Noem’s Social Media Presence Under Scrutiny

Noem, who is considered a potential running mate for former President Donald Trump, has faced increasing scrutiny over her social media presence and the way she promotes businesses and products.

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Critics argue that Noem is acting more like a social media influencer than a governor, and that her promotions may be misleading to consumers who are unaware that they are advertisements.

The Role of Social Media in Politics

The controversy surrounding Noem’s social media promotions highlights the growing role of social media in politics and the blurring of lines between public service and private endorsements.

As more politicians turn to social media to connect with constituents and promote their agendas, questions arise about the ethical and legal implications of using these platforms for personal gain or to promote private businesses.

Some argue that politicians should be held to a higher standard when it comes to disclosing their relationships with businesses and products they promote, while others believe that social media is simply another tool for politicians to communicate with the public and share their experiences.

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The Future of Political Advertising on Social Media

As social media continues to evolve and play an increasingly important role in politics, it is likely that we will see more debates and legal challenges surrounding the use of these platforms for advertising and promotion.

Policymakers and regulators may need to consider new rules and guidelines to ensure that politicians are transparent about their relationships with businesses and that consumers are not misled by undisclosed advertisements masquerading as genuine endorsements.

Ultimately, the controversy surrounding Noem’s social media promotions serves as a reminder of the complex and often murky world of political advertising in the digital age, and the need for greater transparency and accountability from our elected officials.


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