Netflix’s “The Man with 1000 Kids”: The Controversial Story of Jonathan Jacob Meijer

Netflix’s latest docuseries, “The Man with 1000 Kids,” delves into the ethical quagmire of sperm donation through the astonishing tale of Jonathan Jacob Meijer. Meijer, a prolific Danish sperm donor, claims to have fathered 550 children, though some mothers who used his sperm believe the actual number is significantly higher.

A Controversial Figure

Released on July 3, the docuseries follows five couples who found Meijer on a website called “Longing for a Child.” Each couple recounts how Meijer assured them they were only the third or fourth couple he had helped. However, the reality was far from what they had been told.

In 2017, the Dutch Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology banned Meijer from donating sperm after it was discovered that he had donated to 11 different fertility clinics in the Netherlands. This ban included Cryos International, a global sperm bank that distributed his samples worldwide.

Ethical Dilemmas in Sperm Donation

This isn’t the first time Netflix has explored the murky waters of sperm donation ethics. Their 2022 documentary, “Our Father,” spotlighted an American fertility doctor who misled couples by using his own sperm without their knowledge. The documentary was watched for 42.60 million hours within the first three weeks of its release, setting high expectations for “The Man with 1000 Kids.”

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One of the key voices in the docuseries is Natalie, who, along with her partner Suzanne, used Meijer’s sperm in 2012. They were under the impression that they were his third couple. Natalie described the situation as a “public health hazard,” emphasizing the potential long-term consequences for future generations. Suzanne added, “They can never just date somebody or have intercourse with somebody, they will always need to take care and even then they might not be aware that they’re a donor child. It’s a very dangerous and unhealthy situation for these children and for their children and grandchildren.”

Legal Ramifications

In April 2023, The Hague District Court ordered Meijer to cease his sperm donations, threatening fines of €100,000 for any future violations. Despite this, the docuseries suggests that Meijer has continued donating sperm internationally, raising further concerns.

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Natalie, who appeared on the Netflix documentary, highlighted the need for global legislation. “That’s why we’re still raising awareness, and hoping that there is a government that wants to put up legislation because that needs to happen,” she said. “Not just in individual countries, but globally. He is not stopping at borders, and he’s not the only one. There are more out there.”

Meijer’s Defense

Meijer has a YouTube channel where he documents his travels and has defended his actions in various interviews. He told Business Insider, “As a bank donor doing regular visits, I only was active in the Netherlands for Cryos. Outside of them, I have been to a few clinics to donate one time and privately for a couple.”

Regarding his absence from the documentary, Natalie commented, “He was given a right to respond. His comments are always: ‘This is untrue and the women are just angry mothers.’ We’re not angry. We just want him to stop.”

Public Reactions

On a recent appearance on BBC’s “Woman’s Hour,” Meijer confirmed that he has fathered 550 children, according to his records, and criticized Netflix for portraying him negatively. “I think Netflix did a great job of selecting the five families out of the 225 families that I’ve helped, and they will definitely tell you something else. If someone calls this journalism or an official documentary I don’t really see where’s the value,” he said.

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Meijer has threatened legal action against Netflix for allegations made in the docuseries, including claims that he mixed his sperm sample with another donor’s to see which child’s traits would prevail. “I will take legal action for slander, this is really insane!” he stated.


Netflix’s “The Man with 1000 Kids” shines a spotlight on the ethical, legal, and personal complexities of sperm donation through the lens of Jonathan Jacob Meijer’s controversial actions. As the debate continues, the docuseries raises critical questions about the regulation of sperm donation and the responsibilities of donors and recipients alike.


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