My Hero Academia Season 7, Episode 1: Unveiling the Might of Star and Stripe’s Keraunos

The premiere episode of My Hero Academia’s seventh season takes viewers on an exhilarating journey, introducing the formidable Star and Stripe, the number one hero of the United States. As she faces off against the enigmatic TomurAFO, the episode showcases her incredible quirk, New Order, and unveils her devastating special attack, Keraunos, in a breathtaking display of power and determination.

My Hero Academia Season 7, Episode 1

The Arrival of Star and Stripe

A Hero’s Call to Action

Driven by her admiration for All Might and a desire to confront the villain he couldn’t defeat, Star and Stripe rushes to Japan, ready to face the formidable TomurAFO. The episode sets the stage for an epic clash between the hero and the mysterious antagonist.

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Introducing New Order

  • Star and Stripe’s quirk, New Order, is unveiled, allowing her to manipulate air within a 100-meter radius.
  • She uses this power to evade TomurAFO’s attacks and maintain her monstrous strength, leaving Shigaraki in awe of her capabilities.

The Battle Unfolds

Clash of Titans

As the battle between Star and Stripe and TomurAFO intensifies, the hero showcases her mastery of New Order, negating the villain’s movements and combining her aircraft’s lasers for offensive strikes. However, TomurAFO’s identity and the extent of his powers remain shrouded in mystery.

Preparing for the Ultimate Attack

  • Star and Stripe calls for missiles from the USA, ready to unleash her full might.
  • She creates a colossal figure made of air using New Order, combining it with the lasers from her aircraft to form a giant, sword-like beam.
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The Unveiling of Keraunos

United Hyper-Max Output Laser: Keraunos

“Behold the might of the number one hero!”

In a stunning display of power, Star and Stripe unleashes her special attack, Keraunos. The air figure wields the massive laser spear, striking TomurAFO with a devastating force akin to a thunderbolt. The destructive potential of this attack leaves the villain sensing an impending threat, setting the stage for an epic continuation of this clash of titans.

The Approaching Reinforcements

As Star and Stripe’s Keraunos rages on, the episode leaves viewers on the edge of their seats with the arrival of missiles from the USA, hinting at the potential escalation of this battle and the involvement of additional forces in the conflict against TomurAFO.

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