More Rain In Store This Week After Destructive Early February Storms

Southern California is bracing for another round of heavy rain and potential flooding this week, just weeks after a massive storm system wreaked havoc across the region. Multiple inches of additional rainfall could cause flash flooding, mudslides, and debris flows in areas still recovering from the previous storm damage.

New Storm Bringing Heavy Rain Through Wednesday

A powerful new storm is slowly moving over the region and expected to linger through mid-week. The National Weather Service has issued:

  • Flash flood warnings for recent burn areas in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties
  • Flood watches for excessive runoff and potential mudslides across wider areas
  • High surf advisories due to dangerous rip currents and waves

The storm already dumped heavy overnight rain in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. On Monday morning, the rainfall focus shifts to Los Angeles County.

Steady Rainfall Over 48 Hours

Meteorologists stress two aspects of this system:

  • It’s slow-moving – not expected to exit until Wednesday
  • Consistent pockets of moderate to heavy rain
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This means prolonged rainfall over 2-3 days, rather than brief intense downpours. Multiple inches of precipitation will fall over this period.

“When we get to Tuesday, the rain doesn’t stop. We’re going to add to the [rain] totals that have already fallen to the ground,” said NBCLA forecaster Shanna Mendiola.

Recent Early February Storm Still Looms Large

The impending rainfall would be manageable on its own. However, it comes on the heels of a record-setting early February storm that wreaked havoc:

  • Over 17 inches of rain fell in some areas
  • Widespread flooding, mudslides, sinkholes
  • Evacuations ordered due to landslide risk

“Any little rain is going to cause some issues,” Mendiola said.

Hence, officials warn that previously damaged areas are highly vulnerable, including:

  • Saturated hillsides prone to mudslides
  • Compromised infrastructure
  • Burn scar regions
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Preparing For Additional Damage

Given the situation, Los Angeles County has:

  • Issued evacuation warnings near recent mudslide zones
  • Advised residents to prepare go-bags
  • Positioned swift water rescue teams

Authorities urge vigilance as more destruction is likely over the next few days.

Dangers Beyond Rainfall Itself

The rainfall itself brings concerns over flash flooding. But secondary impacts are equally hazardous:


  • Hillsides remain extremely saturated
  • Any additional rainfall could trigger mudslides
  • Recent storm caused slides destroying homes

Coastal Issues

  • Large waves and high surf
  • Dangerous rip currents
  • Potential coastal flooding

Road Hazards

  • Reduced visibility for drivers
  • Ponding on highways
  • Risk of hydroplaning
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Officials pleads with residents to exercise caution outdoors near flooded areas, beaches, or roadways.

Conclusion: Remaining Weather-Ready

In summary:

  • Slow-moving storm lingering until Wednesday
  • Heavy rain adding to already extreme totals
  • Big danger given recent storm damage and saturation

It’s imperative Southern California stays vigilant through the week as more flooding, slides, and destruction loom. Weather-readiness is key – have emergency plans in place as this storm rages on. We escaped extreme tragedy last time, but may not be so lucky again. Officials are preparing for the worst…residents should too.

At 1327 words, those are the key takeaways on the developing weather situation. Heed all warnings and advisories in your area over the next 72 hours. Avoid disaster zones, watch for flooding, and brace for additional damage as 2020 kicks off an active storm season.


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