Man Accused of Shooting at Police Extradited from Missouri to Mississippi

Suspect Charged with Aggravated Assault and Conspiracy

Colby Towles, the man accused of shooting at officers in Olive Branch, Mississippi, has been extradited from Missouri, where he fled after the incident. Towles is now back in Mississippi, facing charges of two counts of aggravated assault of an officer and conspiracy to commit a crime.

The suspect is scheduled to appear before a judge on April 4 to face these charges. According to officials, Towles approached a traffic stop and began yelling at police before driving off, making a U-turn, and firing shots at the officers.

Man Accused of Shooting at Police Extradited from Missouri to Mississippi

Captured by US Marshals in Missouri

After the shooting incident, Towles fled Mississippi and was eventually captured by US Marshals near the Bass Pro Angler’s Lodge Hotel in Springfield, Missouri, on Monday at approximately 5 p.m. The arrest was confirmed by KOLR, a local news station in Missouri.

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At the time of his arrest, Towles had a child with him, who is now reported to be safe. The relationship between Towles and the child has not been disclosed.

Girlfriend Arrested and Charged as Accessory

In addition to Towles’ arrest, his alleged girlfriend, Sarah Skriver, was also taken into custody. According to Desoto County District Attorney Matthew Burton, Skriver has been charged with being an Accessory After the Fact.

Burton stated, “She was helpful to him and hindered law enforcement,” indicating that Skriver played a role in assisting Towles after the shooting incident and during his attempt to evade authorities.

The Importance of Collaboration in Law Enforcement

The successful apprehension of Colby Towles highlights the importance of collaboration between law enforcement agencies across state lines. The cooperation between the Olive Branch Police Department, US Marshals, and local authorities in Missouri led to the swift capture of the suspect, ensuring that he will face the charges against him.

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This case also underscores the dangers faced by police officers in the line of duty and the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions when they threaten the safety of law enforcement personnel.

As the legal proceedings against Towles and Skriver move forward, it is essential that the justice system works to protect the rights of all involved parties while ensuring that those responsible for criminal acts are held responsible for their actions.

The Impact on the Community

Incidents like the one involving Colby Towles can have a significant impact on the sense of safety and security within a community. It is crucial for law enforcement agencies to work together with community members to foster trust, open communication, and a shared commitment to maintaining a safe environment for all residents.

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By working collaboratively and maintaining a strong presence in the community, law enforcement can help to prevent future incidents and ensure that those who do commit crimes are quickly apprehended and brought to justice.

As the case against Towles and Skriver progresses, it will be important for the community to come together to support one another and to work towards creating a safer, more secure environment for all.


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