Love is Blind Brazil Season 4 Cast

Exciting news for reality TV fans! The pods are now open for participants in the fourth season of Love Is Blind: Brazil. This season comes with a fresh twist: it’s rebranded as Love Is Blind: Brazil – A Fresh Start. Unlike previous seasons, this edition will feature singles who have been in common-law relationships or have previously been married.

A Second Chance at Love

In Season 4, participants will get a second chance to find true love. They’ll fall in love without seeing each other, get engaged, enjoy a brief honeymoon, and live together before their wedding day. By the finale, they’ll decide whether to say “yes” at the altar.

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Meet the Hosts

Brazilian celebrity couple Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo, who met on the set of the soap opera Êta Mundo Bom and have been married since 2018, will host the show. They’ve been hosting Love Is Blind: Brazil since 2021 and, though they only appear occasionally, they offer valuable advice to the participants as they navigate their journey to the altar.

Love is Blind Brazil Season 4 Cast

With many participants embarking on this unique experiment, viewers will get a chance to follow their emotional journeys. Each episode will showcase the highs and lows of forming deep connections without physical appearances playing a role.

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André Romano

Renata Gaiffredo

Alexandre Thomaz

Ariela Carasso

Evandro Pinto

Ingrid Santa Rita

Leandro Marçal

Marília Pinheiro

Patrick Ribeiro

Vanessa Kurashiki

Leonardo Plácido

Marcia Ishimoto

Rodrigo Knoeller


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