Kathryn Newton Looks Like Amber Heard

Kathryn Newton is an accomplished American actress known for roles in Big Little Lies and The Society. With her bright blue eyes and long blonde hair, many fans have been struck by Newton’s strong resemblance to fellow actress Amber Heard.

Side-by-side photos of the two have led people to speculate whether Kathryn Newton looks like Amber Heard is potentially even able to stand in for roles. While the two may not be related, their similarities are certainly attention-grabbing.

Overview of Kathryn Newton

To start, here’s some background on Kathryn Newton and how she built up her acting resume:

  • Born in 1997 in Orlando, Florida
  • Began acting at just 4 years old on soap opera All My Children
  • Big breakout as teenager Louise Brooks on 2008 sitcom Gary Unmarried
  • Recurring TV roles: Supernatural, Halt and Catch Fire
  • Lead role as Abigail Carlson in HBO’s Big Little Lies (2017)
  • Lead role as Allie Pressman in Netflix drama The Society (2019)
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With numerous impressive acting credits already under her belt at just 26 years old, Newton has showcased both comedic and dramatic talent across television and film.

The Amber Heard Comparisons

Despite their age gap, Kathryn Newton and Amber Heard share a shocking number of facial similarities:

Physical Resemblance

  • Signature long, blonde hair style and color
  • Bright blue eyes, eye shape, and makeup
  • Similar facial structure – cheekbones, smile lines, jaw shape
  • Identical lip, nose, eyebrow shape

The resemblance is so pronounced that they could plausibly be sisters.

Evidence in Photos

Multiple side-by-side photos clearly showcase the similarities, from their smiles to their makeup. Some examples:

  • Newton’s look at 2019 Critics’ Choice Awards and Heard’s style at 2014 Hollywood Film Awards
  • Specific photos of them in red lipstick with blonde hair
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Fans analyzing photos agree they appear uncannily alike.

Interpreting the Significance

Kathryn Newton Looks Like Amber Heard

While Kathryn Newton and Amber Heard’s physical resemblance is striking, they remain totally distinct talents and individuals:

  • No evidence exists confirming relation between Newton and Heard
  • Their own unique acting abilities would come through if playing the same role
  • Appearance does not dictate a person’s skills or character

Making judgments solely based on appearance can feed into unhealthy stereotypes. Still, the comparisons do reveal fascinating perceptions about beauty and image.

Ultimately the actresses share an undeniably strong similarity but no actual connection – though some may mistake them as doppelgängers.

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In summary, Kathryn Newton’s noticeable physical likeness to Amber Heard has prompted many comparisons.

Numerous photos reveal pronounced facial features and style similarities, explaining to many viewers why Kathryn Newton looks like Amber Heard.

However, the two have unique talents and identities. Appearance should not overshadow their acting achievements or feed shallow assumptions.

Their identical doppelgänger-worthy looks may simply be an exciting coincidence worth remarking on.


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