July 2 2025 Jurassic World: Jurassic World Returns in 2025

After previously stating that 2022’s Jurassic World Dominion would mark the end of the Jurassic era, Universal Pictures surprised fans by announcing a new Jurassic World film slated for release on July 2nd, 2025.

This marks the first Jurassic movie since 1993’s original that won’t include director Steven Spielberg behind the scenes. However, the iconic filmmaker will still serve as an executive producer.

Production Details

  • Directed by: David Leitch (Deadpool 2, Bullet Train)
  • Written by: David Koepp (Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park)
  • Produced by: Frank Marshall, Patrick Crowley
  • Executive Produced by: Steven Spielberg

Not much is known regarding the plot or cast for the upcoming sequel. But based on reports, it will feature an entirely new cast and storyline taking the franchise in a “fresh new direction.”

“It will be unlike anything the franchise has experienced with previous directors and would certainly give the series a fresh new look.”

Saying Goodbye to Familiar Faces

  • No Chris Pratt or Bryce Dallas Howard
  • Original JP cast (Laura Dern, Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum) not expected to return
  • New characters and stars will lead the next chapter
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So it seems this will kick off a new Jurassic trilogy that departs from both the Jurassic World series and original 1990s movies.

What We Could See in Jurassic World 4?

While plot details remain tightly under wraps, there’s much speculation regarding what direction Leitch and Koepp will take the Jurassic series next.

Back to Basics?

Many fans called for the franchise to return to more simple “dinos run amok on an island” roots after the genetically-modified dinosaur storyline grew convoluted. Based on the filmmakers involved, we could see a back to basics approach.

“Fans of the original trilogy have called for the franchise to return to its roots, which typically featured a cast of characters being stranded on a deserted island with rampaging dinos.”

A survival-thriller pitting human characters against the threats of nature would align well with Leitch’s action style.

Evolutionary World Building

However, it’s unlikely the new creative team ignores the world established in recent movies where dinosaurs have spread globally.

  • Perhaps we see how different regions and cultures deal with roaming dinos?
  • An international dino crisis could fuel the plot.
  • Or the next installment may simply build upon the human-dino coexistence laid out in Dominion.
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Koepp is an expert in mass scale dinosaur mayhem, making it unlikely we’ve seen the full effects of this evolutionary leapplay out on screen yet.

Original JP Easter Eggs

While the OG cast won’t cameo, the filmmakers may include some nostalgic references to the initial films for longtime fans now that Koepp is back on board.

  • Return to Isla Nublar/Isla Sorna?
  • Feature classic species like velociraptors, T-Rexes or a rebuilt visitor’s center?
  • Bring back recognizable musical cues?

These types of nods to Jurassic Park’s foundations seem probable despite a fresh start.

What We Want in Jurassic World 4?

Obviously the iconic main draw of these movies remains gigantic dinosaurs causing chaos and destruction. Hopefully the 2025 sequel doubles down on the towering T-Rex’s and clever velociraptors terrorizing humans!

  • Next-level visual effects – The Jurassic franchise has always been on the cutting edge of VFX spectacle and industry standard bearer. So they must continue ramping up the quality and creativity.
  • Iconic New Dinosaur – The Indominus Rex and Giganotosaurus emerged as franchise favorites recently. It’s time for the effects teams to develop another terrifying, lethal and smart fan favorite beast!
  • Balanced Tone – While recent films ramped up genetically modified weaponized dinos and militarized fighters, many feel the sense of wonder around the prehistoric creatures got lost. Finding the right balance of thrilling yet awe-inspiring is key.
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Say what you will about recent chapters, but Jurassic remains one of the most epic and purely enjoyable blockbuster franchises out there. This iconic series still has many stories left to tell that can recapture the original movie magic.


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