Julie Theis From Netflix’s ‘The Trust’

Julie Theis made a strong impression on viewers during the first season of Netflix’s new reality competition series The Trust. The savvy 28-year-old contestant from Montana immediately implemented clever (and sometimes controversial) strategies to advance through the game.

With her bold gameplay and flirtation with castmate Jake, Julie became a standout presence on the show. Let’s explore her background and reveal key details about this intriguing Trust player.

Julie’s Credentials

Julie enters The Trust armed with an impressive educational and career background. Some quick facts:

  • Earned a Master of Science degree in Psychology
  • Provides personalized online coaching through her PsychAdvice program
  • Areas of expertise include relationships, behavior change, and personal growth
  • Popular TikTok account (@julietheis) with over 550k followers
  • Previously worked as Marketing Director for tech company Liquid Mercury

So Julie has established herself professionally in the worlds of psychology and digital content creation. This strategic savvy and understanding of human behavior certainly informs her aggressive tactics inside The Trust villa.

Flirty Showmance with Jake

One of the most talked-about storylines from The Trust centers around Julie’s flirtation with former army vet and current police officer Jake. Their playful chemistry led to a rollercoaster relationship.

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The question on every viewer’s mind – are Julie and Jake still dating now after filming wrapped months ago?

In a word…no. As Jake revealed:

“Now we’re just platonic. We will message each other all the time, FaceTiming every night as the show airs.”

So while their connection appeared very real during filming, Julie and Jake ultimately deem themselves “just castmates” who no longer have a romantic involvement.

Julie’s Trust Gameplay

While her showmance earned attention, Julie didn’t shy away from making cutthroat moves when necessary. Some examples:

  • Lying about taking additional cash offers
  • Spreading rumors about other contestants
  • Pitting women vs men in the house
  • Secretly recording conversations
  • Constantly flipping vote loyalties

Julie adopted the mantra “trust has to be earned, not given.” And she certainly put gameplay over forming genuine bonds in her quest for the $250k prize.

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This ruthless approach rubbed some fellow competitors the wrong way. But Julie argues it allowed her to evolve as the game progressed. And she ultimately chose to co-operate rather than eliminate threats, showing some humanity.

Life for Julie After The Trust

So what has Julie been busy with since her Trust journey ended?

  • Continues running her online PsychAdvice coaching business
  • Provides wardrobe rental service Cognitive Couture
  • Works as Marketing Director for tech startup Liquid Mercury
  • Posts frequently on TikTok and Instagram

Clearly this ambitious entrepreneur keeps hustling on multiple business ventures post-reality show experience.

Julie also hopes to launch her own podcast focused on psychology topics. And she utilizes her Trust fame making paid appearances and partnerships.

So for driven Julie, getting burned by the reality TV spotlight hasn’t slowed her down one bit. She focuses forward continuing to leverage opportunities from her heightened public profile.


The Trust introduced Julie Theis as an intriguing personality – fiercely competitive yet also empathetic, focused yet flawed. Viewers witnessed her forging connections and betraying trust in equal measure.

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Regardless of controversies and contentious gameplay, Julie leaves The Trust having formed rewarding friendships and securing her share of the prize pot.

Moving forward, expect this bold and ambitious psychology aficionado to continue making her distinct mark across digital media while empowering others. Just like she first displayed on The Trust, Julie won’t hesitate to take risks or spark debate.

And that is why she will remain such a polarizing yet impossible-to-ignore presence in the months ahead.


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