Indiana Sees Surge in Voter Registrations Ahead of May Primary Election

Indiana Secretary of State Diego Morales has reported a significant increase in new voter registrations leading up to the May Primary Election. The data shows a greater rise in new registrations during the last month before the registration deadline compared to the past five years. Morales credits the office’s voter outreach campaigns and county registration efforts for this positive trend. Since taking office, increasing voter participation and turnout has been a major focus for the Secretary of State’s Office.

Indiana Sees Surge in Voter Registrations Ahead of May Primary Election

Voter Registration Efforts Bear Fruit

Increased New Voter Registrations

Data from the Indiana Secretary of State’s Office reveals a substantial surge in new voter registrations in the lead-up to the May Primary Election registration deadline, surpassing figures from the previous five years.

Outreach Campaigns Pay Off

Secretary of State Diego Morales attributes this positive development to the office’s comprehensive voter outreach initiatives and county voter registration efforts.

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Prioritizing Voter Participation

A Key Focus for the Administration

Since taking office, Morales has made voter participation and voter turnout a top priority for the Secretary of State’s Office.

Statewide Outreach Campaigns

To achieve this goal, the office has conducted a wide-ranging voter outreach campaign, encompassing schools, fairs, festivals, sporting events, and parades across all 92 counties in the state.

Funding for Local Efforts

Additionally, the Secretary of State’s Office provided funding through 67 local election improvement grants, enabling counties to allocate resources towards voter education and outreach activities.

Targeted Promotion Strategies

Multimedia Promotion

During the pre-Primary Election voter registration period, the Secretary of State’s Office promoted voter registration through television, radio, and digital media platforms.

Reaching Underrepresented Groups

Furthermore, the office initiated a targeted digital voter registration campaign, encouraging individuals who will turn 18 by the November Election and groups underrepresented on the voter registration rolls to register.

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Secretary Morales’ Statement

“As a grassroots statewide elected official, I’ve been so passionate about our outreach and community engagement efforts as we’ve crisscrossed all 92 counties of the state for a second year in a row at a record pace. We are so encouraged to see more eligible Hoosiers registered to vote. This is proof of our hard work. Now it’s time to get out to the polls and vote,” said Diego Morales, Indiana Secretary of State.

Election Day Reminder and Continued Efforts

  • Election Day for the May Primary is Tuesday, May 7th.
  • Hoosiers can check their voting status, find polling locations, and view sample ballots at
  • The Secretary of State’s Office plans to continue outreach efforts throughout the summer and fall, leading up to the General Election in November.
  • The office will once again be a proud sponsor at the Great Indiana State Fair.
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With the surge in new voter registrations, Indiana is poised for a strong turnout in the upcoming May Primary Election, reflecting the success of the Secretary of State’s Office’s efforts to promote civic engagement and encourage voter participation.


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