How Much Does a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Make?

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC) are one of the most iconic cheerleading squads in the NFL and the world. Known for their stunning performances, rigorous selection process, and the glitz and glamour associated with America’s Team, the DCC are a dream for many aspiring cheerleaders. But how much do these dedicated and talented women actually earn?

A Look at the Earnings

The salary of a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader varies, but several reports suggest the following figures:

  1. Per Game Pay: On average, a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader earns about $150 per game. With a 17-game regular season, this totals approximately $2,550.
  2. Practice Pay: Cheerleaders are also compensated for their practice sessions. Typically, they receive around $12 per hour. Considering they might practice for about 15-20 hours a week, this adds up to roughly $180-$240 weekly.
  3. Promotional Appearances: Cheerleaders often participate in promotional events, photo shoots, and other appearances. These can pay anywhere from $50 to $200 per event, depending on the nature and duration.
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Additional Perks and Benefits

While the direct salary might not seem substantial, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders receive numerous other benefits that add significant value to their role:

  1. Travel Opportunities: Cheerleaders often travel with the team to various locations, both domestically and internationally, for games, events, and USO tours. These trips are fully covered by the organization.
  2. Exposure and Career Opportunities: Being a DCC can open many doors in terms of career opportunities in entertainment, modeling, broadcasting, and more. The exposure they receive is unparalleled in the cheerleading world.
  3. Merchandise and Costumes: Cheerleaders receive iconic DCC uniforms and other merchandise, which are valued and cherished long after their cheerleading careers end.
  4. Fitness and Training: The rigorous training and fitness regimes provide cheerleaders with excellent physical conditioning and professional dance training, often at no cost to them.
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The Bigger Picture

The earnings of a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader might not compare to professional athletes’ salaries, but the role offers significant intangible benefits. The experience, networking opportunities, and personal development they gain are invaluable. For many, the chance to be part of such a prestigious team and to perform on a global stage is priceless.


In summary, while the monetary compensation for a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader might not be extraordinarily high, the role offers a wealth of opportunities and benefits. The cheerleaders’ dedication, hard work, and passion for what they do make them an integral part of the Dallas Cowboys’ brand and legacy.

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Being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader is not just a job; it’s a platform for personal and professional growth, and a stepping stone to numerous future opportunities. The combination of direct earnings and the additional perks makes this a coveted position for many talented women across the country.


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