How Many Children Does Jonathan Meijer Have?


Jonathan Meijer, a Dutch sperm donor, has made headlines worldwide due to the sheer number of children he has fathered. His activities and the resulting legal actions have sparked significant interest and concern. This post explores the details of Jonathan Meijer’s unique and controversial situation.

Jonathan Meijer’s Children

Jonathan Meijer is reported to have fathered at least 550 children. His extensive sperm donations began in 2007, and over the years, he contributed to numerous clinics and private arrangements. Initially, his donations were spread across 11 different clinics in the Netherlands, where he fathered over 100 children. However, his activities didn’t stop there. The Dutch Donor Child Foundation found that, in addition to the 102 children from clinics, Meijer fathered at least 80 more children through private donations within the Netherlands.

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Legal Actions and Restrictions

In 2017, the Dutch Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology banned Meijer from donating sperm in the Netherlands after it was revealed how many children he had fathered. Despite this ban, Meijer continued to donate internationally, contributing to clinics such as Cryos International and using private websites to reach prospective parents.

The Donorkind Foundation took legal action against Meijer in 2023 due to fears of unintentional incest among his numerous offspring and violations of the Dutch legal limit of 25 donor children. Meijer’s defense argued that he wanted to help parents who struggled to conceive, but the court found that he had “deliberately misinformed” recipients about the number of children he had fathered. Consequently, a Dutch court ordered Meijer to cease all sperm donations and fined him €100,000 for any future infractions. Additionally, he was instructed to request the destruction of his stored semen unless it was reserved for parents of children already conceived with his sperm.

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Media Coverage and Public Reaction

Meijer’s case has drawn extensive media coverage, culminating in a three-episode Netflix documentary series titled The Man with 1,000 Kids, released in July 2024. This series delves into his motivations, the legal battles, and the emotional impact on the families involved. In a 2023 interview with the Brazilian news program Fantástico, Meijer admitted to deceiving women who sought his donations, acknowledging that he had lied about the number of children he had fathered.


Jonathan Meijer’s story is a complex and controversial one. His desire to help couples conceive has resulted in a vast number of offspring, raising ethical, legal, and social concerns. The ongoing discussions about his actions highlight the need for stricter regulations and greater transparency in the field of sperm donation.

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