Epic “Shōgun” Miniseries Now Streaming

The sweeping 10-episode adaptation of James Clavell’s beloved novel “Shōgun” is now airing on FX and available for streaming on Hulu. The lavish period drama immerses viewers in feudal Japan through the eyes of a wayward English sailor. Delivering edge-of-your-seat drama and stunning cinematography, this streaming exclusive series makes for must-see television.

Two-Hour Premiere Now Airing on FX

FX premiered “Shōgun’s” first two episodes on Tuesday, February 27th at 10 PM ET/PT. The remaining eight installments will continue airing weekly in the same slot culminating in an April finale.

For those without cable, the series also streams exclusively on Hulu with new episodes dropping at:

  • 12:01 AM ET Tuesdays
  • Concurrently with the FX airings

So fans can choose to either stream on Hulu or watch via linear FX telecasts.

Binge-Watching Options Available

While FX will parcel out one gripping episode per week, Hulu subscribers can immediately binge the first three entries. The platform released the premiere installments in advance:

  • Pilot available since February 21st
  • Episode 2 dropped February 24th
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Hulu will continue adding each new episode to the series landing page every Tuesday as they air on cable.

“It’s perfect for binging in terms of its addictive quality,” says star Cosmo Jarvis.

How To Stream The Epic Period Drama?

Hulu remains the exclusive streaming home for “Shōgun” in the US. To watch, users simply need any Hulu subscription package, starting at:

  • $7.99/month for ad-supported plan
  • $14.99/month without ads

The platform is currently offering 31-day free trials for new subscribers.

DirecTV Stream and FuboTV likewise offer free 7-day trials including FX access to evaluate the show. Packages start at $69 monthly after that initial period.

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Transporting Tale of Culture Clash

Adapted from James Clavell’s hugely popular novel, “Shōgun” chronicles swaggering English sailor John Blackthorne. After a shipwreck in 1600s Japan, he finds himself entangled in a feudal power struggle.

Blackthorne must navigate intricacies of samurai culture completely foreign to him. The exotic locales and political machinations prove endlessly fascinating for viewers as well.

With gorgeous photography and truly epic scope, “Shōgun” realizes its source material for a new generation. And makes for must-sample entertainment in the process.

Acclaimed Creative Vision Behind Camera

Oscar-nominated screenwriter Justin Marks (“The Jungle Book”) serves as showrunner on the maxi-series. He conceived an updated take more sensitive to Japanese perspectives than the popular 1980s adaptation.

Visionary Danish director Philip Koch leads filming. Given a canvas of Japanese landscapes and sets to match the grandeur of his material, his eye-catching shots further sweep audiences away.

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Together their combined creative forces compel viewers to enter “Shōgun’s” immersive realm—now more readily available than ever through streaming.

Conclusion: Don’t Miss This Sweeping Streaming Epic

Between courtly intrigue, fateful romance and spectacular vistas, the transporting “Shōgun” saga has captivated millions of readers for decades. This lush re-interpretation stands to win new converts through its compelling translation to screens.

MKang the series via Hulu’s exclusive access or live airings on FX. However audiences choose to access it, “Shōgun” represents fantasy television at its finest. The streaming platform ecosystem now offers fans the means to fully lose themselves in its elaborate feudal machinations.


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