Edwin Díaz Ejected: What It Means for the Mets’ Momentum

Just when it seemed the New York Mets were on a winning streak, an unexpected turn of events threatens to disrupt their trajectory. On Sunday, during a game against the Chicago Cubs, the Mets’ closer Edwin Díaz was ejected in the ninth inning. This incident raises questions about the team’s immediate future and their ability to maintain their recent success.

The Incident: Díaz Ejected

Edwin Díaz, the Mets’ star closer, entered the game in the ninth inning, poised to secure another victory for his team. However, before he could even throw a pitch, third-base umpire Vic Carapazza dismissed him after inspecting his glove and hand. According to both Díaz and Mets manager Carlos Mendoza, the umpire found an excessive amount of rosin, sweat, and debris on the pitcher’s throwing hand.

“The rules are the rules and they made the decision to throw him out,” Mendoza remarked, acknowledging the umpire’s decision.

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This marks the third time in the past year that a Mets pitcher has been ejected for a similar infraction. Drew Smith, who was suspended for 10 games last year for a similar offense, replaced Díaz and managed to record two outs. Ultimately, Jake Diekman stepped in to strike out pinch-hitter Patrick Wisdom, securing his third save for the Mets, who have now won four consecutive series.

Díaz’s Response to the Ejection

Díaz, visibly surprised by the ejection, maintained that the stickiness on his hand was a result of perspiration and rosin, a common practice among pitchers to improve grip.

“I always use the same thing, rosin, sweat, and I put my hands in the dirt a little because I needed to have a little grip on the ball. That was what I was explaining to the umpires today, but they said it was a little sticky,” Díaz explained.

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He further added, “I was very surprised because I didn’t have anything in my hand, on my glove or strap. They always check on me. They said it was very sticky and I just told them ‘hey, you can touch and smell my hands, they don’t smell like anything.’ But they expelled me.”

What’s Next for the Mets?

New York has been on a hot streak, winning 10 of their last 13 games and boasting a 13-6 record in June. However, with Díaz potentially facing a suspension, the team may need to find a temporary closer for the next two weeks. This challenge comes at a crucial time as the Mets prepare to open a two-game series against the visiting Yankees on Tuesday, followed by hosting the Houston Astros for three games.

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Looking Forward

The Mets have shown resilience and determination, winning four consecutive series and positioning themselves strongly in the standings. However, the ejection of Díaz highlights the ongoing scrutiny and challenges pitchers face regarding the use of foreign substances. As the team navigates this setback, they will need to rely on their depth and adaptability to maintain their momentum.

In the coming weeks, fans will be watching closely to see how the Mets manage without their star closer and whether they can continue their winning ways despite this unexpected obstacle.


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