Did Olivia Rodrigo Win a Grammy in 2024?

Olivia Rodrigo was one of the most nominated artists at the 2024 Grammy Awards, held on February 5th. With 6 total nominations, including in major categories like Album of the Year and Record of the Year, many were wondering – did the pop sensation take home any awards?

Rodrigo’s Nominations

Rodrigo’s sophomore album, GUTS, released in August 2023, earned her 4 Grammy nods:

  • Album of the Year
  • Best Pop Vocal Album
  • Best Rock Song for “ballad of a homeschooled girl”
  • Best Music Video for “vampire”

The album’s lead single “vampire” also received nominations for:

  • Record of the Year
  • Song of the Year

At just 21 years old, Rodrigo became the youngest artist ever nominated across all 3 major categories for her work on GUTS and “vampire”.

Did Olivia Rodrigo Win a Grammy in 2024?

Her Performance of “vampire”

Rodrigo gave a show-stopping performance of “vampire” at the 2024 Grammys. Wearing a red silk dress, she sang the emotional piano ballad with raw intensity. As she belted out the lyrics:

“I used to think I was smart, but you made me look so naive. The way you sold me for parts as you sunk your teeth into me, you’re a bloodsucker, dream crusher…”

Fake blood began pouring from her arm and the floral backdrop, symbolizing the pain of a toxic, draining relationship. Rodrigo’s face was eventually smeared with the red liquid, amplifying the dramatic effect.

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The powerful performance earned Rodrigo a standing ovation, seeming to squash rumors of a feud with fellow pop star Taylor Swift over similarities between “vampire” and Swift’s song “Bad Blood”.

The Grammy Results

Despite the rave reviews for GUTS and “vampire”, Rodrigo shockingly did not win any of the 6 awards she was nominated for.

Major Category Losses

In the major categories, Rodrigo lost:

  • Album of the Year to Taylor Swift’s Midnights
  • Record of the Year to Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever”
  • Song of the Year also went to Eilish for “Happier Than Ever”

Other Losses

Additionally, “vampire” lost:

  • Best Pop Solo Performance to Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers”
  • Best Rock Song to Foo Fighters’ “Waiting on a War”
  • Best Music Video to Lil Nas X’s “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)”

Fan & Critical Reaction

Fans were outraged over the snubs, taking to social media to express anger and disappointment. Many accused the Grammys of unfairness and bias.

“Rodrigo was robbed! Her album was brilliant and ‘vampire’ was the biggest song of the year! The Grammys are out of touch.” – @popmusicfan2024

“I can’t believe Olivia went 0/6. She at LEAST deserved Song of the Year for the cultural impact of ‘vampire’. The Recording Academy should be ashamed.” – @stan_for_olivia

Critics also slammed the Grammys over the surprising shutout:

“A baffling result. Rodrigo’s vulnerable songwriting and vocals on ‘vampire’ resonated with millions – she absolutely earned Record of the Year.” – Los Angeles Times

“For the Grammys not to award Rodrigo’s bold and brutally honest GUTS even one win proves how irrelevant they’ve become.” – Pitchfork

Despite the backlash, Rodrigo handled the upset with grace, congratulating the winners and thanking her supporters.

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What This Means for Rodrigo

While disappointing, this loss doesn’t diminish Rodrigo’s astronomical rise over the past few years. Consider:

  • Her debut, SOUR, won her 3 Grammys in 2022, including Best New Artist
  • She’s had multiple #1 hits, including “drivers license”“good 4 u”, and “vampire”
  • GUTS received universal acclaim from critics and fans
  • At 21, her songwriting talent and vocal prowess are undeniable

Rodrigo has proven she is not just a one-album wonder, but an artist poised to influence pop music for years to come.

The Verdict: No Grammy Gold for Rodrigo in 2024

The 2024 Grammys failed to award Rodrigo’s acclaimed work, provoking widespread criticism. But with her devoted fanbase and continuing growth as an artist, Olivia Rodrigo remains a force in pop music regardless of Grammy recognition. Still just 21 years old, her story is far from over.

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While she may not have golden gramophones to show for it yet, Rodrigo undoubtedly won over millions of hearts with her cathartic, powerful songwriting on GUTS. Ultimately, connecting with people matters far more than winning awards.

Rodrigo may have lost at the 2024 Grammys, but with her relentless authenticity, her music will continue inspiring listeners for Grammys to come.


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