Did Cat Janice Passed Away?

Pop singer-songwriter Cat Janice has faced down concerning cancer complications in recent years. So when rumors emerged that the artist had passed away, fans grew understandably worried. Let’s clarify Cat’s current health status and the journey that brought her here.

Cat’s Cancer Diagnosis and Journey

In 2021, Cat revealed on social media that doctors had discovered a precancerous lump, leading to a devastating cancer diagnosis. Further testing showed she had an extremely rare sarcoma tumor in her neck muscle.

Over the next two years, Cat transparently documented her cancer battle through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and more. Miraculously after treatment, 2022 brought a year free of cancer. But by early 2023, Cat shared the heartbreaking news that her sarcoma had returned, now terminal.

She made the difficult decision to enter hospice care, spending precious remaining time with her tight-knit family while undergoing palliative care. That brings us to today in early 2024.

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Rumors of Her Passing

In late January 2024, false rumors began circulating online that Cat Janice had passed away on January 25th. Understandably the speculation caused confusion and concern among the pop artist’s widespread supporter base.

However, Cat thankfully has not passed away yet. While in delicate health and hospice care, she continues fighting bravely each day surrounded by loved ones. Fans should not trust unauthorized reports of her death without confirmation from Janice or her family themselves.

Recent Health Updates from Cat

In fact, Cat provided a personal update just days ago that helps clarify her current situation. On January 31st, she posted on Instagram celebrating that her recent release, “Dance You Outta My Head”, had charted within the Top 20 on Billboard’s Emerging Artists tally.

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In the post she wrote:

“My heart could explode seeing so much love and support for Dance You Outta My Head. We just hit #11 on billboard emerging artists and that is INCREDIBLE feeling…”

Cat went on to share that all proceeds from the track will go towards a trust fund for her 7-year-old son. So skeptics claiming she passed away a week prior were clearly unaware of these real-time updates straight from Janice herself.

Looking Ahead with Hope

The past three years have thrown intense health challenges at Cat Janice that few at just 31 years old could imagine facing. Yet even with terminal cancer in hospice, she has responded with resilience, grace and an uncompromising spirit clearly evidenced through her music and advocacy.

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So until Cat herself or family confirm otherwise, fans and supporters should reject unsubstantiated rumors of her passing. For now, she continues her courageous fight surrounded by love and enjoying the fruits of her artistry.

Cat Janice remains a profile in perseverance – using precious time to raise her son, speak her truth, and inspire others through lyrics that will outlive her. May her work touch lives for decades to come.


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