Charli XCX and Lorde Release Surprise Remix of “Girl, So Confusing”

Charli XCX has surprised her fans by releasing a remix of “Girl, So Confusing,” featuring Lorde. This unexpected collaboration has caused a stir in the music world, with fans eagerly discussing the new track.

The Announcement

Charli XCX used a unique and creative way to announce the remix. She had painters write “Lorde” on a white wall, a method now dubbed the Brat wall. This reveal left fans excited and intrigued. Charli followed up by posting a snippet of the remix on her private 360_brat page, where Lorde sings, “Well honestly, I was speechless when I woke up to your voicemail when you told me how you’re feeling, let’s work it out on the remix.”

The Original Song

“Girl, So Confusing” originally features Charli XCX singing about her insecurities and overthinking in a complicated friendship with another singer. The song explores their similarities and differences, highlighting the complexities of their relationship. In the pre-chorus, Charli sings:

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“People say we’re alike
They say we’ve got the same hair
We talk about making music
But I don’t know if it’s honest”

The refrain, “It’s so confusing, sometimes, to be a girl,” encapsulates the song’s theme and resonates with many listeners.

Lorde’s Contribution

Lorde’s verse in the remix adds an emotional depth to the song. She reflects on her struggles with body image and self-acceptance:

“‘Cause for the last couple years
I’ve been at war with my body
I tried to starve myself thinner
And then I gained all the weight back”

She ends her verse with a touching reminder of her own humanity:

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“Forgot that inside the icon
There’s still a young girl from Essex”

A Touching Exchange

The remix concludes with a heartfelt exchange between Charli and Lorde. Lorde sings, “You know I’ll ride for you, Charli,” to which Charli responds, “You know I ride for you too.” This shows the deep bond and mutual respect between the two artists.

Fan Reactions

Fans quickly picked up on the friendly nature of the song’s lyrics, especially after Lorde was spotted at Charli’s album release party in New York City. Charli also remixed Lorde’s song “Green Light” during a Party Girl DJ event in Mexico City, further solidifying their collaboration.

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The Deluxe Album

This remix follows Charli XCX’s release of a deluxe version of her album, titled Brat and it’s the same but there’s three more songs so it’s not, last Sunday. The deluxe edition includes new tracks like “Hello goodbye,” “Guess,” and “Spring breakers.”


Charli XCX and Lorde’s remix of “Girl, So Confusing” is a testament to their creative synergy and mutual support. The emotional lyrics and relatable themes have resonated with fans, making this surprise release a memorable moment in their careers.


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