Auckland Man Fined for Attempting to Body Slam an Orca: A Stark Reminder of Marine Mammal Protection Laws


In a startling incident off the coast of Devonport, near Auckland, a 50-year-old man faced a hefty $600 infringement for attempting to “body slam” an orca. The event, captured on video and shared on Instagram in February, drew significant attention and outrage. This blog delves into the incident, the legal implications, and the broader importance of protecting marine life.

The Incident: A Reckless Stunt

A Dangerous Attempt

In February, a video emerged on Instagram showing a man jumping from a boat into the sea, aiming to body slam an orca. This reckless act took place off the coast of Devonport, a popular area known for its marine life. The video not only showed the man’s initial jump but also his subsequent attempts to touch the orca again, displaying a blatant disregard for safety.

Public Outrage and Legal Action

The video quickly went viral, catching the attention of the Department of Conservation (DoC). Principal investigation officer Hayden Loper expressed his shock at the man’s actions, labeling them as “shocking and stupid.” The DoC’s swift response highlights the seriousness of such incidents and the potential dangers they pose to both humans and marine animals.

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Legal Implications: Marine Mammals Protection Act

The Breach of Conservation Laws

The incident was a clear violation of the Marine Mammals Protection Act. Under this legislation, orcas are classified as whales, and it is illegal to swim with, disturb, or harass them. The Act aims to safeguard marine mammals from harmful human interactions and ensure their protection.

The Consequences

The man was fined $600 for his irresponsible behavior. Loper emphasized that the fine was a necessary measure to underscore the seriousness of the offense. He noted that such actions could lead to severe consequences, including injury to the orca or harm to the individual involved.

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The Importance of Protecting Marine Mammals

The Power and Vulnerability of Orcas

Orcas are immensely powerful and intelligent creatures. While they are top predators, they are also vulnerable to human interference. Interactions like the one in this incident can cause significant stress and potential injury to these marine mammals.

The Role of Social Media in Conservation

Social media has become a crucial tool in conservation efforts. The video of the Auckland man was reported by vigilant social media users, leading to a successful prosecution. Loper highlighted the importance of public awareness and participation in protecting wildlife, encouraging people to continue reporting such breaches.

Education and Awareness: Key to Preventing Future Incidents

Public Awareness Campaigns

Raising public awareness about the legal and ethical responsibilities towards marine life is essential. Educational campaigns can inform people about the consequences of their actions and promote respectful behavior towards marine mammals.

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The Role of Conservation Authorities

Conservation authorities like the DoC play a vital role in monitoring and enforcing laws. Their efforts in investigating and prosecuting breaches are crucial for the protection of marine ecosystems. Continued support from the public can enhance these efforts, ensuring a safer environment for wildlife.


The incident involving the Auckland man serves as a stark reminder of the importance of respecting marine mammals and adhering to conservation laws. The swift action by the DoC and the role of social media in bringing the incident to light demonstrate the power of collective responsibility in wildlife protection. As we move forward, education and awareness will be key to preventing similar incidents and ensuring the safety and well-being of our precious marine life.


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