Analyzing Rick and Morty Season 7’s Most Confusing Character Return

What recurring supporting characters from earlier seasons are heavily relied upon in recent episodes of Rick and Morty?

Squanchy, Gene, Gearhead, Birdperson, Mr. Poopybutthole, Mr. Goldenfold, Ice-T, Slow Mobius, Unity.

How does Unity’s comeback in season 7 of Rick and Morty deviate from established canon?

Unity’s surprising return in season 7 doesn’t align with the established canon of her previous relationship with Rick, as she previously refused to return Rick’s calls after their breakup.

What purpose does Unity’s return serve in season 7?

Unity’s comeback highlights Rick Prime’s serious threat level, setting up tensions for the mid-season finale.

In what way did Slow Mobius’s appearance in season 7, episode 5, serve the storyline?

Slow Mobius’s appearance in episode 5, “Unmortricken,” aimed to increase the stakes by killing off a recognizable but not important character.

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What inconsistency arises from Unity’s return in season 7?

Unity’s surprise at Rick avoiding her calls in season 7 contradicts her refusal to return Rick’s calls in earlier seasons after their breakup.

How does Unity’s interaction with Rick in season 7, episode 3, impact the storyline?

Unity’s return in episode 3 suggests that Rick’s vendetta against Rick Prime is a bad idea, indicating the seriousness of Rick Prime’s threat.

What does Unity’s reaction to Rick’s vendetta reveal about Rick Prime’s character?

Unity’s reaction implies that Rick Prime is a serious threat, as even Unity, who parted ways with Rick in terrible circumstances, advises against pursuing the vendetta.

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How does the return of Unity strengthen Rick Prime’s story arc in season 7?

Unity’s interaction with Rick underscores the seriousness of Rick Prime’s actions and sets the stage for the mid-season finale.

What tone does the ending of Rick and Morty’s Rick Prime plot convey?

The bleak ending of the Rick Prime plotline emphasizes Rick’s realization that killing his nemesis didn’t bring him catharsis.

How does Rick and Morty treat Unity in the context of Rick’s relationships?

Rick and Morty portrays Unity as one of Rick’s friends rather than a bitter ex, despite the circumstances of their breakup.

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