Amrita Pandey Bhojpuri Actress

The case of Bhojpuri actress Amrita Pandey’s death in Bhagalpur, Bihar, has taken a shocking turn as her postmortem report confirms homicide. The actress’s body was found hanging in her apartment on April 27, with her hands tied and signs of strangulation on her neck. While initial investigations by the FSL team suggested suicide, the postmortem report contradicts this finding, indicating that Pandey died due to strangulation. This conflicting evidence further complicated the case, prompting authorities to seek a re-opinion from the postmortem doctor.

Amrita Pandey Bhojpuri Actress

The Tragic Incident

Discovery of the Body

On April 27, Amrita Pandey’s body was found under suspicious circumstances on the first floor of the Divyadham apartment located on Adamapur Jahaj Ghat Road in Bhagalpur.

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Initial Observations

  • Pandey’s body was found hanging from a noose.
  • Her hands were tied, and there were signs of strangulation on her neck.
  • Relatives took her to the hospital, where doctors declared her dead.

Police Involvement

Upon receiving the news, the police immediately arrived at the apartment, took possession of the body, and conducted Pandey’s postmortem, as requested by her husband, Chandramani.

Conflicting Reports

Postmortem Report Findings

The postmortem report revealed a startling revelation – it confirmed that Amrita Pandey’s death was a homicide, indicating that she died due to strangulation.

FSL Team’s Initial Assessment

However, during the initial investigation, the FSL (Forensic Science Laboratory) team had declared Pandey’s death a suicide, contradicting the postmortem report’s findings.

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Seeking a Re-opinion

Due to the conflicting reports, Bhagalpur SP Anand Kumar stated that further action would be taken after obtaining a re-opinion from the doctor who conducted the postmortem.

Family’s Perspective

Alleged Depression and Illness

According to Pandey’s husband, the actress was suffering from depression and an unspecified illness, which caused her distress, leading the family to file a case of suicide initially.

As the investigation continues, the contradictory evidence surrounding Amrita Pandey’s death has raised concerns and prompted authorities to seek clarity through a re-examination of the postmortem report. The case highlights the complexities involved in determining the circumstances surrounding a death, especially when conflicting reports emerge.

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